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Green Apelsin Profile and Facts

Green Apelsin Profile and Facts

Green Apelsin
is a Sakha singer-songwriter under Sony Music Entertainment. She debuted with the EP “Северный Ветер” (“Winds of the North”) on October 21, 2021

Green Apelsin Fandom Name: Apelsinki
Green Apelsin Fandom Emoji: 🍊

Green Apelsin Official Social Media:
Instagram: green_apelsin
YouTube: Green Apelsin
TikTok: @green_apelsin

Stage Name: Green Apelsin (Грин Апельсин)
Birth Name: Anzhela Andreyevna Zhirkova (Анжела Андреевна Жиркова)
Birthday: May 17, 2000
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon
MBTI Type:

Green Apelsin Facts:
– She was born in Yakutsk and grew up in Belaya Gora village, Abyiski district.
– She first read at 5 years old with help of her grandmother, who read her folk tales. She loved her, but was also afraid of her.
– She attended musical school in Belaya Gora, Piano class.
– She returned to Yakutsk and graduated from Yakutsk City Classical Gymnasium.
– She was an honor student, was a member of school’s volleyball, skiing and athletics team.
– Afterwards, she entered Zhirkov Arts College in junior year, she moved to Primorye Krai Arts College, Academic Vocal branch and graduated from it.
– Green Apelsin had been singing cover songs since she was 14 years old.
– At 15 years old, she made her first song about feelings of a teenager.
– She got popular after covering Moana OST “How Far I’ll Go” in her sixteen years old.
– She wrote her EP “Winds of the North” in 2017.
– She had been participating in charity concerts with CHKRSH.
– By doing volunteer job, she earned money for her first guitar.
– She was nearly scammed by signing to a fraud company, but after consulting with lawyers and finding her unchanged manager, she connected with SME and became an artist and distributor under it with authorship still with her.
– She held her first concert in July 2022.
– She lives in Vladivostok.
– Her favorite food is tangerine (Apelsin in Russian) with her favorite rock band being Green Day. That is why she got her stage name. It was even before she got into producing songs at 12 years old.
– She became a fan of Green Day after listening to “Wake Me Up When September Ends” and “21 Guns”. Her favorite Green Day songs are “Kill The F*** DJ”, “Brain Stew / Jaded”, her favorite Green Day album is “Revolution Radio”.
– She was crying when making her first songs.
– While producing a song, she concentrates more on lyrics. Green Apelsin finds inspiration watching films, reading mythology, folk tales, and academic papers on culture studies. She makes accords for a song only on guitar. She makes music and lyrics simultaniously.
– When being asked why she writes non-entertaining songs more, she answered that people like mystery, stranger, undiscovered things, and cruelty.
– Her favorite cartoons are The Owl House, Adventure Time, Over The Garden Wall, Gravity Falls and The Star Princess vs Forces of Evil.
– She prefers Adventure Time over Gravity Falls, because the former has more episodes.
– Out of her song characters, she likes the witch, because she can deliver bad luck to the people she doesn’t like.
– Her favorite fairy-tale stories are An Old Man and A Golden Fish.
– She draws modern art in her free time, saying that she gets relaxed when painting a canvas.
– She has a handpoke tattoo of a dragon on her right wrist, having made it at the time of filming her very first MV. She has more tattoos.
– Out of cities, she prefers Moscow for its liveliness.
– She could listen “Free Fallen” by John Mayer repeatedly.
– While deciding the most unusual place to perform, she mentioned the Republic of Ireland, especially on a grassy field next to a sea rock, and there should be horses on the background.
– Her childhood bias was Dima Bilan, a Eurovision contestant.
– Her favorite anime are Tokyo Avengers, Noragami, Hunter X Hunter, Kimetsu no Yaiba, and Jujutsu Kaisen.
– She likes powerful anime heroes with their humane side.
– She likes frank people.
– If there is a chance, she would like to collab with BTS.
– She considers herself as a melomaniac, particularly she listens to K-pop, OSTs for anime, country, Q-rap, and classical.
– She loves watching fantasy Netflix shows.
– Green Apelsin loves Korean cuisine, especially sauce, curry rice, ramyun, and tangsuyuk. Out of Sakha cuisine, she likes bone meat, blood sausage, as well as stroganina with lettuce and salt.
– She considers as her hooby eating.
– Green Apelsin dreams to be able to play skateboard, but says she has fear of falling. She also would like to ride a horse.
– She used to write fanfiction.
– She has a boyfriend who is an English teacher.

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