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KProfiles Podcast EP.2

NOLANGROSIE presents EP. 2

Moonbyul Personal Profile
Mirani Personal Profile
G999 – Moonbyul (feat. Mirani) M/V
SuRuiQi Personal Profile
The Phoenix – Sury Su
Nct Members Profiles
Universe (NCT 2021) Album Info
Beautiful – NCT 2021 M/V
Purple K!ss Member Profiles
My My – Purple K!ss M/V
Aespa Member Profiles
Dreams Come True – Aespa M/V
Kep1er Member Profiles
VERIVERY Member Profiles
Twice Member Profiles
WOO!AH Member Profiles
Ateez Member Profiles
Enhypen Member Profiles
1st Annual Kprofiles Award Winners

What was your favourite release, comeback or debut mentioned in this podcast?

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