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Kpop Group of the Week (2nd week of Oct 2020)

Kpop Group of the Week (1st Week of October 2020)

Welcome!  Today’s Group of the Week is…

Which LOONA member is your ideal type? - KnowKPOPGroup: LOONA 

Members: Choerry, Go won, Heejin, Haseul, Kim Lip, Vivi, Hyunjin, Chuu, Jinsoul, Oliva Hye, Yeojin, Yves

Fandom:  Orbit

Debut: August 19 2018

Songs by LOONA: Butterfly, #, 365, Satelite, Heart Attack, Egoist, Around you* Includes LOONA Solos

Latest Comeback: “12:00 (Midnight)” (2020)

Label: Blockberry Creative

Credit: IZ*ONE.48

How much do you like LOONA?
  • MY ULTIMATE GROUP! 29%, 297 votes
    297 votes 29%
    297 votes - 29% of all votes
  • They're okay 26%, 272 votes
    272 votes 26%
    272 votes - 26% of all votes
  • They're one of my favorite groups but not Ultimate 23%, 239 votes
    239 votes 23%
    239 votes - 23% of all votes
  • I'm slowly getting to know them.. 22%, 231 vote
    231 vote 22%
    231 vote - 22% of all votes
Total Votes: 1039
October 10, 2020 - October 18, 2020
Voting is closed

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