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Kim Tae Woo Profile and Facts

Kim Tae Woo Profile: Kim Tae Woo Facts and Ideal Type

Kim Tae Woo (김태우)
is an actor under J, Wide Company. He made his acting debut in 1996. He is best known for his roles in Joint Security Area (2000), Woman on the Beach (2006), The Winter, the Wind Blows (2013), and Mr. Queen (2020).

Birth Name: Kim Tae Woo (김태우)
Birthdate: April 15th, 1971
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 183 cm (6’0″)
Weight: 73 kg (160 lbs)
Blood Type:
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: @jwidecompany

Kim Tae Woo Facts:
– He has a younger brother by four years who is also an actor, named Kim Tae Hoon.
– He attended Chung-Ang University, He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree by majoring in Theater and Film.
– In 2013 he revealed on the NBC Talk Show Knee Drop Guru that he had surgery under his tongue to make his pronunciation clearer. He said that when he would get sick, his voice became so nasally, he was hard to understand.

Kim Tae Woo Dramas:
First Love (첫사랑) | KBS2 / as Hyung Ki (1996)
Mr. Right (완벽한 남자를 만나는 방법) | KBS2 / as Song Jeong Hwan (1997)
The Lie (거짓말) | KBS2 / as Jang Uh (1998)
Should My Tears Show (눈물이 보일까봐) | MBC/ as Cho Soo Hyun (1999)
Love Story – Owner’s Memory (러브스토리 – 기억의 주인) | SBS / as Young Seok  [ep. 15-16] (2000)
Virtue (덕이) | SBS / as Park Yeong Gook (2000)
Blue Mist  (푸른 안개 ) | KBS2 / as Kim Min Kyu (2001)
Legend (신화) | SBS / as Kang Dae Woong (2001)
The Woman Catches People (그 여자 사람잡네) | SBS / as Oh Cheon Soo (2002)
Tokyo Shower (도쿄 여우비) | SBS / as Jeong Hyeon Su (2008)
Dae Mul (대물) | SBS / as Park Min Goo (2010)
God’s Quiz (신의 퀴즈) | OCN / as Jae Suk (2010)
Foolish Mom (바보엄마) | SBS / as Park Jung Do (2012)
Pure Love ( 일말의 순정) | KBS2 / as Jung Woo Chul (2013)
That Winter, The Wind Blows (그 겨울, 바람이 분다) | SBS / as Jo Moon Chul (2013)
God’s Gift – 14 Days (신의 선물 – 14일) | SBS / as Han Ji Hoon (2014)
The Jingbirok: A Memoir of Imjin War (징비록) | KBS1 / as King Seon Jo (2015)
Goodbye Mr. Black (굿바이 미스터 블랙) | MBC / as Kim Ji  Ryun (2016)
The Good Wife  (굿 와이프) | tvN / as Choi Sang Il (2016)
Noodle Shop Woman (국시집 여자) | KBS2 / as Do Geun (2016)
The Most Beautiful Goodbye (세상에서 가장 아름다운 이별) | tvN / as Cha Yeong Seok  (2017)
Mystery Queen 2 (추리의 여왕2) | KBS2 / as Ha Ji Seung (2018)
Secret Mother (시크릿 마더) | SBS / as Han Jae Yeol (2018)
Romance Is a Bonus Book (로맨스는 별책부록) | tvN / as CEO Kim Jae Min  (2019)
The Banker (더 뱅커) | MBC / as Lee Hae Gon (2019)
Different Dreams (이몽) | MBC / as Yoo Tae Joon (2019)
The Tale of Nokdu (조선로코 녹두전) | KBS2 / as Heo Yoon (2019)
The Spies Who Loved Me (나를 사랑한 스파이) | MBC/ as Ban Ji Min  (2020)
Awaken (낮과 밤) | tvN / as Oh Jung Hwan (2020)
Mr. Queen (철인왕후) | tvN / as Kim Jwa Geun (2020)
Bossam: Steal the Fate (보쌈-운명을 훔치다) | MBN / as King Gwang Hae(2021)

Kim Tae Woo Movies:
The Contact (접속) as Ke Chul (1997)
Mystery of the Cube (건축무한 육면각체의 비밀) as Yong Min (1999)
Joint Security Area (공동경비구역 JSA) as Nam Sung Shik (2000)
Bus Stop (버스, 정류장) as Jae Sup (2002)
Saving My Hubby (굳세어라 금순아) as Hang Ju Tae (2002)
Woman is the Future of Man (여자는 남자의 미래다) as Kim Hyung Joon (2004)
Hypnotized (얼굴없는 미녀 ) as Seok Won (2004)
Sa Kwa (사과) as Sang Hoon (2005)
Don’t Look Back (내 청춘에게 고함 ) as Sgt. Kim In Ho (2006)
Woman on the Beach (해변의 여인 ) as Won Chang Wook (2006)
Epitaph (기담) as Kim Dong Won (2007)
Return (리턴 ) as Oh Ji Hoon (2007)
The Naked Kitchen (키친) as Han Sang In (2009)
Like You Know It All (잘 알지도 못하면서;) as Goo Kyeong Nam (2009)
The Influence (인플루언스) as Choi Dong Hoon (2010)
No Doubt (돌이킬 수 없는) as No Choong Shik (2010)
A Friend in Need (여의도) as Hwan Woo Jin (2010)
The Winter of the Year was Warm (내가 고백을 하면) as In Sung (2012)
 The Face Reader (관상) as King Mun Jong (2013)
The Pirates (해적: 바다로 간 산적) as Mo Hong Gab (2014)
Casa Amor: Exclusive for Ladies (워킹걸) as Go Kang Sung (2015)
Memories of the Sword (협녀, 칼의 기억) as Jon Bok (2015)
The Tooth and the Nail (석조저택 살인사건) as Jang Ji Ho (2017)
Mothers (당신의 부탁) as Kyung Soo (2018)
Rampant (창궐) as Crown Prince Lee Young (2018)
Forbidden Dream (천문: 하늘에 묻는다) as Jung Nam Son (2019)
Silence (사일런스) as Jung Hyun Baek (TBA)

Kim Tae Woo Music Videos:
“Late Regrets” | Bobo (2001)
“Seesaw” | Hot Potato (2010)

Kim Tae Woo Awards:

1998 KBS Drama Awards | Best New Actor (The Lie)
2001 Golden Cinematography Awards | Best New Actor (Joint Security Area)
2002 SBS Drama Awards | Excellence Award (That Woman Catches People)
2002 SBS Drama Awards | Actor in a Serial Drama (That Woman Catches People)
2006 Busan Film Critics Awards | Best Supporting Actor (Woman on the Beach)
2015 KBS Drama Awards | Excellence Award (he Jingbirok: A Memoir of Imjin War)
2015 KBS Drama Awards | Actor in a Serial Drama (he Jingbirok: A Memoir of Imjin War)

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