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Kim Jiyeon Facts & Profile

Jiyeon Profile and Facts

Stage Name: Jiyeon (지연)
Real Name: Kim Ji Yeon (김지연)
Birthday: January 7, 2004
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Chinese Sign: Sheep
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: A

Jiyeon Facts:
-She was supposed to debut in ALPHA RAY, but after a majority of the members left the group disbanded pre-debut
-She is a former member of the pre-debut group SG Girls
-She left SG Entertainment on May 21, 2021
-She practices jiujitsu
-Hobbies: watching Chinese dramas, handcrafting, collecting cosmetics, and watching nail art videos
-Her habit is biting her lip
-Nicknames: Jyeon and Welsh Corgi
-She cannot swim
-She likes to eat cucumbers
-She loves coconut, mint chocolate, and green tea
-She hates pineapple pizza and raisins
– Her skills include rapping, freestyle dancing, and jiu-jitsu.
-She shares the same birth name as Lovelyz‘s Kei and WJSN‘s Bona
-She is a contestant on the 2021 MBC survival show, My Teenage Girl
Her mottos: “It requires strong willingness and accompanying efforts to fulfill dreams” – BoA and “The secret of happiness is to cherish the present”.
SG Girls Facts:
– Her hashtags: #ENTP, #spicy, #mango.
– She was the third trainee from the original line-up to be revealed.
-Her representative emoji was 🔮
My Teenage Girl Facts:
Hashtags:  #Vanelope, #Vitamin and #king’seyes.
Motto:  “Cherishing the present is the secret to happiness”.
-For the entrance mission she performed “Fiancé” by Mino
– She was eliminated in the second round of the competetion.

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