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Kim Hyemi (Universe Ticket) Profile And Facts

Kim Hyemi Profile & Facts

Kim Hyemi (김혜미) is a South Korean trainee. She is a former Universe Ticket contestant.

Birth Name: Kim Hyemi (김혜미)
Birthday: October 2, 2003
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: 1_memie

Kim Hyemi Facts:
– Music is her life.
– She likes musicals.
– Her nicknames are: Maem, Memie, Snowball, Maemnyangi, and King Squirrel
– She has two older sisters.
– She is Im Dohwa’s younger sister.
– Some of her favorite things are: sikhye, tteokbokki, bingsu, cake, cats, and music.

Universe Ticket Facts:
– Pre-Voting Ranking: #55
Concept Video
Moving Profile
My Universe Video
Pre-release Performance Clip
Ticketing Me Video
같이 갈래? (Universe) Fancam
– Her own personal charm is: Love born and raised in the countryside, a warm heart, never-ending passion, and a charismatic unnie.
– One secret in Universe Ticket?: 1. Music is my life. 2. Tension comes alive when the sun goes down.
– I am the ___ in Universe Ticket?: A comment vending machine….? ★ Only available in full and exciting evenings. Mudeok. I like musicals!! Everyday is a musical.. wow.
– Since she was ranked in the lower 41 contestants in the pre-voting she became a candidate for elimination.
– In episode 3, Hyemi performed Ah-choo by Lovelyz in the 2nd mission.
Ah-choo Fancam
– Ah-choo team (Pure Challengers) lost to Into The New World team (Pure Winners) 4-1.
– In episode 4, Hyemi was eliminated. She ranked 60th overall.

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