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Kim Hye Ri Profile and Facts

Kim Hye Ri Profile: Kim Hye Ri Facts and Ideal Type

Kim Hye Ri (김혜리) is an actress under Gom Entertainment. Her debut was in 1988 when she was a contestant in a Miss Korea Pageant.

Birth Name: Kim Hye Ri (김혜리)
Birth Date: December 23rd, 1969
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 168cm (5′ 5″)
Weight: 49kg (108 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: @hrlovejesus

Kim Hye Ri Facts:
– She was born in Seoul, South Korea.
– She attended Dongguk University Graduate School.
– In 1988 she entered the Miss Korea Pageant – Miss World Korea and won.
– Her mother’s name is Jo Su Bi
– Her sister is Kim Hye Rin, also a Miss Korea Pageant winner.
– In 2008 she married Kang Chan Gu
– She has two small dogs named Beni and Banggi.
– She has two daughters.
– Other K Dramas she was either a guest or made a cameo in were, The Sun and the Moon (1993), Drama Game (1995), and Unstoppable High Kick (2006).
– Movies she has appeared in are The Man Who Always Takes the Train (1992), The Theif and a Poet (1995), and Clementine (2004).
– She was a contestant on The Masked Singer ep. 249 in 2015.
– In 2015 she divorced her husband.

Kim Hye Ri Dramas:
Jealousy (질투) | MBC / as Bae Che Ri (1992)
Jo Gwang Jo (조광조) | KBS2 / as Queen Dangyeong (1996)
Salted Mackerel (자반 고등어) | MBC / as Eun Ju (1996)
Tears of the Dragon (용의 눈물) | KBS1 / as Concubine Hyo / Tae Jong’s second consort (1996)
Women (여자) | SBS / as Hwa Jung (1997)
The King and Queen (왕과 비) | KBS1 / as Yang Hye Bin (1998)
TV Novel: You (hangul) | KBS1 / as Yoo Ok Ye (1999)
Did We Really Love? (우리가 정말 사랑했을까) | MBC / as Jung Yong (1999)
Emperor Wang Gun (태조 왕건) | KBS1 / as Queen Gang / Yeon Hwa (2000)
Bad Girls (나쁜 여자들) | SBS / as Lee Yeon Hee (2002)
The King’s Woman (왕의 여자) | SBS / as Dong Jeong Wol (2003)
Shin Don (신돈) | MBC / as Emperess Ki (2005)
Auction House (옥션 하우스) | MBC / as Min Soo Rin (2007)
The Kingdom of Winds (바람의 나라) | KBS2 / as Lady Mi Yoo (2008)
War of the Roses (장미의 전쟁) | SBS / as Lee Hae Joo (2011)
Scandal: A Shocking and Wrongful Incident (스캔들: 매우 충격적이고 부도덕한 사건) | MBC / as Go Joo Ran (2013)
Trot Lovers (트로트의 연인) | KBS2 / as Yong Joo Hee (2014)
The Mother and Daughter-in-Law (어머님은 내 며느리) | SBS / as Choo Kyeong Sook (2015)
Heaven’s Promise (천상의 약속) | SBS / as Park Yoo Kyung (2016)
Cinderella and the Four Knights (신데렐라와 네 명의 기사) | tvN / as Ji Hwa Ja (2016)
Love is Drop by Drop (사랑은 방울방울) | SBS / as Na Yeong Sook (2016)
Strongest Delivery Man (최강 배달꾼) | KBS2 / as Jung Hye Ran (2017)
It’s My Life (비켜라, 운명아) | KBS1 / as Choi Soo Hee / Choi Geum Soon (2018)

Kim Hye Ri Movies:
Death Song (사의 찬미) as Yoon Seong Deok (1991)
Contract Couple (계약커플) as Hye Jeong (1994)
Together (和你在一起) as Mrs. Yu (2002)
The Legend of Evil Lake (천년호) as Queen Jin Seong (2003)

Kim Hye Ri Awards:
1988 Miss Korea Pageant | Miss World Korea (N/A)
1992 KBS Acting Awards | Best New Actress (N/A)
2001 KBS Acting Awards | Excellence Award (Emperor Wang Gun)

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