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Kevin Woo (우성현) Profile and Facts

Kevin Woo Profile and Facts;

Kevin Woo is a Korean-American k-pop idol who debuted in the kpop group Xing in 2006 and Kevin later debuted in U-Kiss in 2008. He left the group on March 2nd, 2017, and debuted as a solo artist around late 2018.

Stage Name: Kevin Woo (우성현)
Birth Name: Kevin Woo (우성현)
Korean Name: Woo Sung Hyun
Birthday: November 25, 1991
Height: 180 cm (5’11”)
Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Instagram: @kevinwoo_official
Twitter:  @Kevinwoo91
Youtube:  Kevin Woo

Kevin Woo facts:
– He was born in Danville, California, United States.
– He has an older sister, named Deanna Woo.
– Kevin graduated from Monte Vista High School.
– His religion is Christianity.
– He was a trainee for 4 years.
– Kevin is a former member of XING.
– He can play guitar and piano.
– He loves eating and he especially likes tteokbokki.
– While getting used to Korean he made a lot of mistakes including getting into trouble with his elder members for speaking Banmal and not the formal language (which is considered impolite).
– Kevin acted in the Naver web drama “About Love: Milky Love” (2015).
– Kiseop, Soohyun, Kevin, and Eli had a guest role in the TV show “Kpop-The Ultimate Audition”
– Dongho, Kiseop, Soohyun, and Hoon acted as “Wonder Boys” (cameo) on “Mr. Idol” (2011 movie).
– He is one of the 4 members of U-KISS that speak English along with Eli, AJ, Kevin, and former member Alexander.
– On March 2, 2017, Kevin announced his departure from U-Kiss after his contract had expired with NH Media.
– Kevin was an MC in ASC (After School Club) along with Eric NamDAY6‘s Jae, 15&‘s Jimin.
– On April 10th, 2018 he announced he is leaving his MC position on ASC to follow his music career.
– Kevin signed with Japan Music Entertainment on July 22, 2018.
– In Oct 2018, he signed with Coridel Entertainment (Korea).
– On Oct 08, 2018, Kevin released his 1st Japanese solo single called “Ride Along”.
-He made an appearance on a show hosted by Nashville’s Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital
-He said he wants to go to Nashville if he gets the chance
-The first thing he’d do in Nashville is going to the children’s hospital
– Kevin’s ideal type: “My ideal type of woman is someone straightforward as well as being a good listener while I tell stories.” He also mentioned liking pure and innocent girls.

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