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JM (YGIG) Profile & Facts

JM (YGIG) Profile & Facts:

JM is a member of the Filipino girl group YGIG under SBTown and co-managed by Universal Records Inc. PH.

Stage Name: JM
Birth Name: Jenelle Mae Baytan
Nickname: JM
Position: Rapper, Vocalist, Dancer
Birthday: October 26, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Representative Emoji: 🐻
Instagram: @xcjmxx_
Twitter: @jenellemae_

JM Facts:
– Her hometown is Silang, Cavite, Philippines.
– dubbed as The Trust of the group.
– She was introduced as the ninth trainee under the code name “J09” .
– She trained for 4 years beginning in 2019.
– Her skills include Dancing, Singing, Rapping, and Acting.
– She is the youngest child in their family.
– JM used to appear in TV shows and commercials.
– Prior to being a trainee, JM was a part of the MAVS Talent Management workshop team, which helps young aspirants enhance and hone skills in singing, dancing, and acting.
– She was in a Red Ribbon commercial.
– Due to her impaired vision, JM wears prescription glasses.
Angel Locsin is her role model.
Black and white are her favorite colors.
– She has a pet dog named Brownie.
– In her spare time, JM enjoys watching movies and dramas.
– She wishes to travel across the world.
– Playing outside is JM’s favorite weekend activity.
– Her favorite spot to go on a solo date is the mall.
– JM is afraid of the sea, she prefers sightseeing.
– Baby, and One Time by Justin Bieber, and Don’t Matter by Akon are three of her favorite songs.
– Fudgee Bar is her comfort food.
– She doesn’t like mint chocolate.
– She’s the kind of person who frequently forgets things.
– I Will Always Love You is her favorite movie.
– The Uncanny Counter is her favorite show.
– Her favorite artists are EXO, Stray Kids, and Chris Brown.
– Pork sinigang is her favorite food.
– Sunny day is her favorite weather.
– “Weh, ‘di nga” is her favorite expression.
– Her life saying is “Don’t dream your life, live your dreams”

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