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Jihan (Weeekly) Profile

Jihan (Weeekly) Profile and Facts:

Jihan is a member of the South Korean girl group Weeekly under IST Entertainment.

Stage Name: Jihan (지한)
Birth Name: Han Ji Hyo (한지효)
Birthday: July 12, 2004
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Monkey
Height: 164.7 cm (5’5″)
Shoe Size: 240 mm ~ 245 mm
Blood Type: A
Representative Day of the Week: Tuesday
Representative Planet: Mars
Representative Color: Red

Jihan Facts:
– She was born in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
– She’s an only child.
– Her English name is Julie because she was born in July.
– Education: Anyang Buheung Middle School (graduated), Hanlim Multi Art High School (Musical Theatre Department)
– Her specialty is playing the guitar and memorizing choreographies easily.
– Her favorite foods are Korean foods and drinks like smoothie.
– The foods that she doesn’t like are vegetables and seafoods.
– She can’t eat seafoods not because she is allergic but due to a traumatic experience from childhood in which she can’t bare to look at the insides and smell.
– Her hobbies are writing or designing her diary and watching Netflix.
– Her favorite color is pastel tones.
– She is a former SM trainee.
– Habits: Collecting stickers and applying lipbalm.
– Her audition song is “Playing with Fire” by BLACKPINK.
– Her greatest fears are bugs, ghosts, silence, and darkness. (hello82: 1-month-old K-pop group UNFILTERED l Question Parade)
– If she will be a man and has a chance to date one of the members, it will be Monday.
– She is an ORBIT and her phone gallery is full of pictures of LOONA.
– She has dimples on her face.
– Among the members, she is the only one who isn’t a homebody and prefers to go out on Sundays according to Jiyoon and Soeun. (VLIVE)
– Her role models are Baek Yerin, Ariana Grande, Seohyun of SNSD, and APINK.
– Her nicknames are ‘Bunny’ and ‘Ener-Jihan.’
– She revealed her stage name to be Jihan (WHO ARE U? Video).
– She and Wonsang of LUCY are cousins. Wonsang mentioned it on his IG live.
– She was a nominee for TC Candler’s The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2020.
– She, Soeun, and Zoa are currently roommates in their dorm. (VLIVE)
– Her favorite movie is 10 Things I Hate about You.
– Her favorite flowers are Rose and Cherry Blossom. (After School Club, Episode 464)
– Charming points: Dimples and bunny front teeth.
– Her motto: “Let’s live without regrets.”

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