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Jaylen Profile & Facts

Jaylen (제일렌) Profile & Facts

Jaylen (제일렌) is a South Korean rapper who officially debuted in July of 2021 with the album “Love, Lies, and Psychedelics.”

Stage Name: Jaylen (제일렌)
Korean Birth Name: Lee/Bahn Jun Young (이/반준영)
English Name: Daniel Jaylen Lee/Bahn
Birthday: June 12, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Crew: SUB (Split Up The Beats)
Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop, Rock, Indie
Instagram: jaylen.bahn
Soundcloud: Jaylen (제일렌)
Youtube: Jaylen (제일렌)

Jaylen Facts:
– Jaylen is from Cheongju, South Korea and also stayed in Vancouver, Canada.
– He moved to Canada at the age of 1 and came back to South Korea at the age of 14.
– Jaylen is a member of SUB with FLYTO, EL, Nokto, Guilter. They do their VVS remix, and upload it on Youtube.
– His music can be categorized as Emo Hip-Hop or Rock Hip-Hop.
– He sings, raps and writes his own music and also producing.
– Before his debut album, Jaylen has released 1 EP and 1 single: “Tour 999” and “Burn (feat. Norman Pablo” that can be listened to on all music platforms.
–  Jaylen chose ‘Young (feat. UD)‘  from his songs which he really likes.
– Rock was his way for relieving depression, music was the only way for him to get away from all of it.
– One of things about his music is that he wants people to know that being depressed is okay and he hopes they could relate to his music.
– His passion for music started at a young age, as his mother was an aspiring singer when she was a child.
– Jaylen was highly influenced by Rock music but always had love for Rap as well.
– A few of his favorite bands are Aerosmith, My Chemical Romance, Nirvana, Green Day, and Hyukoh.
–  His stage name “Jaylen” comes from his English middle name.
– His goal is to really be able to make music as his job.
– He grew up in an area where a lot of the kids listened to hip hop.
– He explores a lot of different genres, but his vocals and melodies will always be based on rock, so even if he does pop, it will be pop-rock.
– It took him 2 – 3 months to make “NO NEED TO STAY“, because he wanted to make a catchy song.
– He really wants to collaborate with Post Malone.
– He wanna collaborate with Leellamarz because he thinks Leellamarz is super talented and can do a variety of different genres of music.
– Aerosmith and Post Malone are his biggest inspirations.
– When he loses motivation he will start writing songs about having no motivation and sitting in his studio by himself.
– If not being a musician, Jaylen would like to do something related to fashion or clothes.
– His hobby is staying at home – his studio is at home, his dog is at home, its dark and quiet, is the best for him.
– Jaylen’s favorite color is black.

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