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iPartment [爱情公寓] (Season 1)

iPartment [爱情公寓] (Season 1)

iPartment [爱情公寓] is a Chinese romance and comedy sitcom starring Chen He, Lou Yixiao, Sun Yizhou, Wang Chuanjun, Zhao Ji, Li Jiahang, and Jin Shijia. The sitcom premiered on August 5, 2009 on Jiangxi TV and the final episode aired on August 15, 2009.

Drama Name: iPartment (English title)
Native Title: 爱情公寓 (Ai Qing Gong Yu)
Other Titles: Love Apartment (Literal title)
Release Date: August 5, 2009 – August 15, 2009
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Friendship
Network: Jiangxi TV
Episodes: 20
Rating: Not specified
Air Times: Every day at 19:35 (Local time)
Director: Zheng Wei
Writers: Yuan Wang, Cao Chunlin, Jie Zou 

Four guys, three girls, one apartment. Fast talking, packed with jokes, and brimming with historical and pop-culture references, iPartment chronicles the sometimes funny, sometimes bizarre, sometimes romantic, and sometimes touching antics and adventures of the Love Apartment residents. They never met, until a coincidental chance allowed them to get to know each other and eventually walk down the red carpet of happiness to wedded bliss. Touched by their love story, the building owner gives Tiezhu and Erniu two presents on their wedding day. This first is to rename the building to “Love Apartment” in their honor. The second is to give all couples in love living in the apartment free water and electricity and 50% off rent. Wedding crashers Lu Ziqiao and Chen Meijia nearly die from delight at this announcement. Despite the fact that they know and hate each other, Ziqiao and Meijia can’t resist what is on a silver platter in front of them. Making a huge scene, they profess their love for each other and move into Love Apartment. But keeping the con going proves harder than they anticipated with the rest of the nosy and crazy residents of Love Apartment.
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Main cast:
Chen He (陈赫)
《爱情公寓3》第0集开机 "好男人"陈赫压轴-搜狐娱乐
Role Name: Zeng Xiaoxian (曾小贤)
He is the anchor of the unknown late-night radio station “Your Moon My Heart”. He’s usually called “Slut Zeng” or “Teacher Zeng.”

Lou Yixiao (娄艺潇)
Role Name: Hu Yifei (胡一菲)
She is an university lecturer and a taekwondo master with a fiery personality and full of violence.

Sun Yizhou (孙艺洲)
Role Name: Lü Ziqiao (吕子乔)
He’s unemployed, very amorous and lustful, also known as “Lu Xiaobu”.

Wang Chuanjun (王传君)
爱情公寓》主演现状:大部分过气了,整容、人设崩塌,处境尴尬- 360娱乐
Role Name: Kamiki Sekitani (关谷神奇)
He’s a young Japanese cartoonist that ended up in the apartment instead of his hotel.

Zhao Ji (赵霁)
爱情公寓》林宛瑜晒素颜少女感十足,漂亮又有辨识度的她却退圈- 360娱乐
Role Name: Lin Wanyu (林宛瑜)
The daughter of the chairman of a bank; she accidentally met Lu Zhanbo in the process of refusing to be arranged by his family and running away from home.

Li Jinming (李金铭)
Role Name: Chen Meijia (陈美嘉)
She is the otaku of the group.

Jin Shijia (金世佳)
Role Name: Lu Zhanbo (陆展博)
He’s Hu Yifei’s half-brother and a website programmer. He’s knowledgeable, but his personality is more introverted and wooden. He likes Transformers.

Supporting cast:
Li Jiahang (李佳航) as Zhang Wei (张伟)
Deng Jiajia (邓家佳) as Tang Youyou (唐悠悠)
Wang Lu (王璐) as Shi Tian
Li Shuai (李帅) as A Tai
Cheng Hong (程泓) as Chen Lin Feng.

Where to watch?
Youtube (free, only in Chinese).

Note: Youku (the owner of the copyrights) released the full season on Youtube in 2020 without English subtitles, they were added in 2022 but removed after a while. Right now (as of January 2024) it’s not possible to watch it along with any subtitle, included auto-generated from Youtube due to unknown reasons. If you can find a website where is possible to watch the episodes with subtitles (any language), feel free to write the link in the comment section below!

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