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Interview With KiMMi (PCDM) #1

Interview With KiMMi (PCDM)
We talked with PCDM, an independent duo, member KiMMi. She talks about future plans, her musical inspirations and more! [Date: September 7, 2022]
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1. Before starting, would you like to say something to the people who support and wait for you?
Hello, I’m KiMMi. It was a long hiatus, but thank you for not forgetting and cheering me on. We plan to release PCDM albums and solo albums in the future, and we plan to hold many performances and broadcasts, so please support us. Thank you.

2. What’s the message before your upcoming album?
The content of “Oh My God” contained the message “leave me alone” and “you don’t need me” when the company did nothing before, and it was packaged like a message from the relationship between lovers.

3. Is it hard being an independent artist? Are there any problems? How do you solve it?
It’s hard because I’m doing all the work alone. I founded the “Tiger Lily Entertainment” company. If the company grows, I will hire employees.

4. Do you have any plans to release new vocal or dance covers?
Our upcoming album release date is October 29th 2022. Then, they will be revealed.

5. Will you be releasing music anytime soon?
It will be released on October 29th.

6. If there’s one thing you want to be remembered for, say in 30 years or so, what would it be?
The time when we communicated with our fans, made eye contact, and shared love with each other.

7. Please recommend a song for your fans’ playlists.
Kiss Me More by Doja Cat, Side To Side by Ariana Grande, Tightrope by Anna Moon.

8. What does a day off look like for you?
On my days off, I exercise or go on a trip.

9. Can you speak any other languages? If yes, where did you learn it?
I can speak Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and a little English. I learned from the fans in that country while performing. So I’m clumsy.

10. Do you have any plans to release ballad or slower songs?
There are plans to release it as my solo song.

11. Is there anything else you want to do besides making music?
I want to be a movie star.

12. If you have a chance to perform overseas, which country you would choose?
USA, UK, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.

13. Would you like to act in the future?
Yes. I am looking for an acting company now. I will debut as an actress.

14. In which specialty are you best? (dance, vocal, rap, composing etc.)
I think I’m good at everything. How can I choose?

15. Can we count “Oh my god” as your debut or do you planning any other MVs/songs for your fresh start as PCDM?
I’m working on the next song. However, the music video for this song was not filmed because I have no money haha.

16. Do you have a role model? If so who is it and why you chose them?
I respect all musicians but I like CL.

17. Your old group disbanded recently and you made a fresh start. Was it difficult? What was your biggest strength during that time?
I was so happy. I felt good after the contract ended because I can make music. When I was in the company, I couldn’t do anything.

18. Describe PCDM with 3 words.
Lump of charm.

19. What do you think when you look in the mirror before going out?
“Let’s do our best today.”

20. How to describe your style?
Reverse charm.

21. What is your biggest dream both as a person and as an idol?
Making a lot of music and promoting my music a lot. And to become a celebrity with many talents. I want to work for a long time.

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