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Inspire Members Profile

Inspire Members Profile: Inspire Facts

Inspire is an Indonesian boy group formed of dancers by INVASION DC (K-POP Dance & Sing Cover Community). Consists of 5 members: Jeremy, Bagas, Ahsan, Dinasty, and Faiq. The promotion of the group started on September 3, 2021, with the members’ first video introductions via their official TikTok. They debuted on April 30, 2022, with Single Album INSPIRE: ORIGIN 1st Single ‘IGNITE’.

Inspire Logo:

Inspire Official Accounts:
Instagram: @inspire__ofc
TikTok: @inspire.official
Twitter: @inspire__ofc
YouTube: INSPIRE Official
Business Email: [email protected]

Members Profiles:

Stage Name: Jeremy
Birth Name: Jeremy Nathaniel
Position: Leader, Main Dancer & Lead Rapper of The Group
Birthday: November 01, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 173cm (5’8″)
Instagram: @je_nath
TikTok: @je_nath
Twitter: @je_nath
YouTube: JE_NATH

Jeremy Facts:
– He was introduced as the fourth member on September 3, 2021, via TikTok. (video)
– He has an older sister.
– His business email is [email protected]
– On his YouTube channel he uploads dance covers, music video reactions, and gaming.
– His dance cover of Chungha‘s “Bicycle” was noticed and praised by her. (video)
– His favorite BTS member is Jungkook, BLACKPINK member is Jennie.
– His favorite Stray Kids song is “God’s Menu”.
– His favorite K-pop Entertainment Company is SM Entertainment.
– His favorite group under SM Ent. is NCT.


Stage Name: Bagas
Birth Name: Bagas Ajie Suratama
Position: Main Vocal & Face of The Group
Birthday: May 11, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Instagram: @bagasajiesrtm
TikTok: @bagasajiesrtm
Ask.fm: bagasajiesrtm (inactive)
Twitter: @bagasajiesrtm
YouTube: Bagas Ajie Suratama (not used)

Bagas Facts:
– He was born in Bogor, Indonesia.
– He was introduced as the third member on September 3, 2021, via TikTok. (video)
– His business email is [email protected]
– He has too many favorite foods to pick just one.
– He doesn’t like being asked personal questions, like how many siblings he has or about his religion.
– He likes Wanna One but doesn’t have any bias in the group.
– He prefers dogs over cats.
– His hobby is dancing.
– His daily healthy habit is eating regularly.
– He can ride a motorbike.
– He started his career with K-pop Dance Cover in 2014.
– His inspiration is G-Dragon.
– You can check out his list of 10 Recommended Men’s Skincare Products for Smooth Face on my-best.id
– He watches K-Dramas.
– In 2014-2018, he was a member of the BTS Cover Dance Group from Bogor called DongBangTan. His position was Jungkook. (Facebook)


Stage Name: Ahsan
Birth Name: Muhammad Ahsan Okta Alamsyah
Position: Main Rapper & Lead Dancer of The Group
Birthday: October 10, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Instagram: @ahsanokta
TikTok: @ahsanokta
Twitter: @ahsanokta
YouTube: Ahsan Okta

Ahsan Facts:
– He was introduced as the first member on September 3, 2021, via TikTok. (video)
– His business email is [email protected]
– He can rap.
– He uploads rap covers and rap collabs with his own lyrics on TikTok.


Stage Name: Dinasty
Birth Name: Dinasty Arya
Position: Lead Vocal & Visual of The Group
Birthday: September 25, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Instagram: @d.nsty
TikTok: @dino_0205
Twitter: @dinthedinoo

Dinasty Facts:
– He was introduced as the second member on September 3, 2021, via TikTok. (video)
– His business email is [email protected]


Stage Name: Faiq
Birth Name: Muhammad Faiq Shandi Yusuf
Position: The Youngest, Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer & Lead Vocal of The Group
Birthday: March 18, 2003
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Instagram: @faiqshnd.y
TikTok: @faiqshnd.y
Twitter: @FaiqShandi
YouTube: Faiq Shandi
Art Instagram: @mzycheese

Faiq Facts:
– He is from Jakarta and lives in Bogor, Indonesia.
– He was introduced as the fifth member on September 3, 2021, via TikTok. (video)
– He speaks Japanese.
– His hobby is drawing.
– He has a younger sister. They make dance videos together that are shared on his TikTok.
– His business email is [email protected]

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