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IMP. Members Profile

IMP. Members Profile and Facts:

IMP. (アイエムピー) is a Japanese boy group who made their debut with the digital single ‘CRUISIN‘ on August 18, 2023 under TOBE. The members are Kageyama Takuya, Yokohara Yuki, Motoi Shunsuke, Tsubaki Taiga, Suzuki Taiga, Sato Arata, and Matsui Minato. They were previously known as IMPACTors (formed on October 16, 2020) but left their previous company Johnny’s Jr on May 25, 2023. On July 14, 2023, it was announced that the members have joined TOBE and changed their group name to IMP..

IMP. Fandom Name: PINKY
IMP. Fan Colors: N/A

IMP. Official Accounts:
Website: IMP.
Instagram: _7mp_official_
Twitter: _7mp_official_

IMP. Members Profile:
Kageyama Takuya

Name: Kageyama Takuya (影山拓也)
Position: Leader
Birthday: June 11th, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 180 cm (5’11”)
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Japanese

Kageyama Takuya Facts:
– He was born in Tokyo, Japan.
– Nickname: Kage
– Special skill: Singing
– He shares a room with his younger sister, the room is dyed to his sister’s taste but he doesn’t mind, they get along well, he has fun watching tv with her and listening to her love stories.
– His qualities are being bright and laughing a lot and his flaws are his eyebrows and being high-strung.
– What he likes eating the most are french fries, cured ham and potato chips.
– His favorite season is fall.
– Kageyama’s favorite animals are cats.
– He has three sibling.
– The fashion he likes the most is the simple and casual fashion. He likes wearing items that feature a character but doesn’t wear much accessories.
– He’s good at soccer.
– His family calls him ‘Taku’.
– He’s really close with Travis Japan‘s Kaito Matsukura, he said excluding his members, he’s the first person he goes to talk to, they’re been close since they are teens so he can show his weak  side to him. He’s also friend with Snow Man‘s Meguro Ren.
– In the group, he’s very close with Tsubaki, and even met his family
– The seniors he admires are Masayuki Sakamoto, Okada Junichi and Jesse (sixTONES).
– According to Motoi, he’s good at cooking.
– Hobbies: Going for walks, karaoke and shopping
– According to his staff, he’s always available for free love advices.
– Takuya’s ideal place for a date would be a geniune popular izakaya.
– He thinks if he had a girlfriend, he’d be the jealous type of guy, wanting to know everything about her former partners. He also said that in love, he worries about things that aren’t that big of a deal, and it makes things complicated.
Kageyama Takuya’s ideal type: Someone who keeps their promises, and who doesn’t say bad things.

Yokohara Yuki

Name: Yokohara Yuki (横原悠毅)
Birthday: September 13th, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Japanese

Yokohara Yuki Facts:
– He was born in Shizuoka, Japan.
– He admires and gets along well with A.B.C-Z’s Kawai Fumito and Matsumoto Jun.
– He struggles to remember the choreographies during dance lessons, at first, he’s focused but then he starts to lose his concentration.
– He really enjoys drawing and coming up with stories.
– One of his favorite fruit to eat is pears
– He loves sweets, and watching videos one eating it.
– He loves and often goes to see comedy shows.
– According to the members, he’s very aloof, and thinks of things logically rather than emotionnally but he cares about others and is someone they can depend on. (90% of straightforwardness and 10% of kindness according to Arata).
– He easily gets tired while doing one activity at a time.
– He’s one of the first member to get tired when practicing.
– He likes playing video games.
– He doesn’t have much appetite on the morning and hate forcing himself to eat.
– He used to be in his school baseball club.
– If Yokohara had to choose somewhere to live in, he would chose somewhere close to Shibuya, since he would rather be right in the center of Tokyo.
– For him, the best Christmas date would be at a fancy restaurant so him and his partner could enjoy Christmas dinner together. A Christmas date should be bright and fun. They also could buy lottery tickets. After the date they could go home and play video games together.

Motoi Shunsuke

Name: Motoi Shunsuke (基俊介)
Birthday: October 17th, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Weight: 60kg
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Japanese
Member Color: Green

Motoi Shunsuke Facts:
– He was born in Saitama, Japan.
– He has an older sister.
– His favorite things to eat are rice, burgers, ramens, onions, and chilled soba.
– His favorite subject was math and his least favorite subjects was manual arts and drawing.
– Motoi’s favorite color is red.
– Favorite scent: Face Powder.
– His favorite drama and movie genre is science fiction.
– The members think he’s really honest.
– When he was 3 and his mother wasn’t around, he cut his own hair with scissors and barely had any bangs left, when his mom got back, she was in panic.
– His shoes size is 26.5.
– He relieves his stress by shopping a lot.
– He said growing up, he used to be a cry-baby, however his parents were stricts and thought that it was uncool to cry so he cganged by watching them.
– He loves Spider-Man and heroes in general.
– As an idol, he wants to be a presence that people never get tired of.
– He tends to share funny videos, instead of asking a person to look at it, he would turn up the volume and wait for someone to talk to him.
– He failed his school entrance exams and so, started to attend cram school. He failed the interview since he started crying after the interviewer asked him what he wanted to do after he’s done with test. That made him think of his family struggles and made him emotional. He wanted to go to a trip with his parents after a long time but eventually said “i want to go on a trip” which made him seem like he was saying he hated the exams since he could go travel because of them.
– He went to a all-boys highschool
– A place he wants to go for his first date with a girl would be where she wants  to go.
– His ideal summer date would be escorting a woman who has an independent and cool personality to a summer festival, a person who’s like ” i don’t usually like festivals”, but then when he would look at her, she would playing around like a kid and he’d by like “oh<3”.
– For him, the best Christmas date would be to go to the amusement park, walk around while looking at the illuminations and then go for dinner. He would gift to his partner a trip for New Year.
Motoi Shunsuke’s ideal type: A courteous type of girl, or a amiable type of girl or a girl who has a clean impression. His favorite fashion for a girl is a fresh feeling fashion or a elegant fashion. Their height difference doesn’t matter.

Tsubaki Taiga

Name: Tsubaki Taiga (椿泰我)
Position: Rapper, Vocal
Birthday: February 10th, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 172cm
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Japanese

Tsubaki Taiga Facts:
– He was born in Kanagawa, Japan.
– If he was ranking places where he’d like to live in the future, Hawaii would be number one. It’s a place where he can rest his body and soul. Venise is his number two. Realistically, he wishes to live in Roppongi in a few years with a delicious soba restaurant in the neighborhood.
– He has no sense of direction but doesn’t like to rely on a map.
– He has a bad eyesight.
– Some sad words that remained in his memories were said when he was in school, someone come to his classroom and asked “someone in here is in Johnny’s ?” they looked at him and continued rudely “him?”
– After seeing their show, his best friend decided to make a career change, it made them think that it was now or never.
– If he eats many solid food for breakfast or lunch, his body feels heavy and suffer from it. so in the morning, he has coffee and fruit and in the afternoon he has a chicken salad and fruits. He also takes vitamin supplements. He eats a solid dinner like grilled meat and buys ice cream on his way home.
– Tsubaki tries to go to the sauna as much as he can to relieve his stress.

Suzuki Taiga

Name: Suzuki Taiga (鈴木大河)
Birthday: June 29th, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Japanese
Member Color: Blue

Suzuki Taiga Facts:
– He was born in Chiba, Japan.
Nickname: Ga-Chan.
– Special Skill: Thinking of outfits and giving advices.
– His strong point are being able to say his opiniong and being pacifist, his flaws are being indecisive and not good with morning.
– Suzuki’s charming points are his long neck and canine teeth.
– Favorite food: Gummies and tianjin fried rice.
– His favorite animals are tigers, dogs and cats.
– His favorite fashion is casual South Korean fashion.
– He’s good at soccer.
– His family calls him Tai.
– Suzuki favorite subjects in school were science and astronomy.
– His three ideal vacations places would be, to the resort because it’s relaxing, south korea, to go shopping and theme park, since he hasn’t go there since becomign an adult.
– He can only drink 100ù fruit juice since he’s young.
– The first thing he eats in the morning is vitamins ans manuka honey.
– He’s like Arata’s caretaker. Always checking if he forgot something.
Suzuki Taiga’s ideal type: A girl who doesn’t lie.

Sato Arata

Name: Sato Arata (佐藤新)
Position: Center
Birthday: September 1st, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 58kg
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Japanese

Sato Arata Facts:
– He was born in Tokyo, Japan.
– He joined Johnny’s Jr around 2016.
– He always wears buys black clothes since he’s nor confident with color combinations
– His favorite food is watermelon and his least favorite food are raw romatoes.
– His foot size is 26cm.
– He doesn’t like exercising, he’s bad at running and bad at ball games.
– He has no sense of direction and is not good with maps. He often leaves home early but arrives right on time because he got lost on the way.
– If Arata had to choose a city to live in, he would chose Kichioji, since he always liked going there.
– His favorite colors are blue, light pink and pink.
– His first love was a girl his class but he was too shy to speak to her. The only thing he said to her was ” good morning”.
– The moment he could think someone likes him if they talk to him a lot, he might think “huh, huh” even though he knows it could be a possible misunderstanding.
-He’s okay with matching outfits with his love one only if it’s one pattern on their clothes, he doesn’t want to do matching looks.
– He wants the person he likes to call him Arata since everyone calls him this way.
– His ideal plan for a first date would be shopping and they would pick clothes for each others.  He also would be fine with watching a movie.
– He would rather confess than being confessed to, he wants to be the one to say it.
– He would like to get married and have a older boy and a younger girl.
– When he gets addicted to something, he always continue to use it, so Tsubaki thinks he would be the type of guy who cherishes the things his girlfriend gives to him, always wearing her gifts.
– He currently doesn’t feel like dating.
– He doesn’t have a favorite fashion for a girl, what she likes wearing is fine.
Sato Arata’s ideal type: A natural type of girl, or a clean type of girl or a girl who likes who they are. The height difference doesn’t matter.

Matsui Minato

Name: Matsui Minato (松井奏)
Position: Youngest
Birthday: September 2nd, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Japanese

Matsui Minato Facts:
– He was born in Chiba, Japan.
– He has a younger brother and helped chosing his name.
– His charming point are his eyes.
– At 7 he started classical ballet lessons and was the only boy there.
– He hates needles.
– If he could have one super power he would choose teleportation, during the hard play period, it would be nice if he could immediatly go home and go right to sleep.
– When he’s feeling down, he calls Yokohara which helps him feeling less worried.
– For him, the best Christmas date would be a warm date at home, they’ll do a toast with his favorite champagne, eat delicious food together and enjoy that cliché feeling.
Ryoki of BE:FIRST said he is friends with Minato. (D.U.N.K YT-channel)
– In love he hates being tied down.
– His ideal proposal is for it to be at a normal meal, just going with the flow.

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