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i-COL Members Profile

i-COL Members Profile

i-COL (あいこる) is a Japanese idol duo apart of the combined group HEROINES under imaginate ent. The duo consists of Aisu and Colne. They released their debut single “ハイジンライバー” on July 4, 2021

i-COL Official Fandom Name:
i-COL Official Color:
i-COL Official Slogan: Can you give me all your cool and cute? (君の、かっこいいも可愛いも全部頂戴?)

i-COL Official Sites:
Twitter: i-COL【あいこる】 (@icol_official)
Instagram: i-COL (@icol_official)
TikTok: i-COL【あいこる】 (@icol_official)
YouTube: i-COL【あいこる】
Website: i-COL | artist 

i-COL Members

Stage Name: Colne/Korune (こるね)
Birth Name:
Birthday: April 23
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Blood Type:
Official Color: Red
Instagram: こるね (@colne_blkliliy)
Twitter: こるね【あいこる】【くろゆり】 (@colne_BLKLiLiY)
TikTok: ここここここるね (@colne_blkliliy)

Colne Facts
– She is also a member of BLK LiLiY
– She wants a license.
– Colne was introduced as, “An innocent and loved little doggy girl.”
– Catchphrase: woof woof woof Colne (わんわんわんわんわんこるね).


Stage Name: Aisu (あいす)
Birth Name:
Birthday: January 23, 2005/2006
Height: 149cm (4’9”)
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Blood Type: O
Official Color: Blue
Instagram: あいす (@aisu_icol)
Twitter: あいす【あいこる】 (@aisu_)
TikTok: あいす (@aisu_icol)  

Aisu Facts
– She is the youngest member of HEROINES.
– She was introduced as, “Baby with short black hair and a big smile.”
– Her hobby is walking.
– She dislikes tomatoes and raisins.
– Her favorite foods are ice cream and cheesecake.
– She likes the combination of blue and white.
– Catchphrase: We only love Aisu! (あいすのことは愛すのみ).

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