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Honey Hime Members Profile and Facts

Honey Hime Members Profile and Facts

Honey Hime (ハニー 姫) is a J-Pop/Eurobeat kaigai idol girl group based in Bologna, Italy. They were formed in January 2015 and released their first single “Happy Honey Christmas” on July 12, 2016. They speak Italian, English and Japanese. They also appeared on X-Factor Italy 2020.

All members are founding members of PizzaYolo.

Honey Hime Socials:
Website: honeyhimeofficial.wordpress.com
Bandcamp: Honey Hime
Twitter: honeyhime_it
Instagram: honeyhime_official
Facebook: honeyhimeofficial
YouTube: Honey Hime

Honey Hime Members:
Doki (ドキ)

Position: Leader
Stage Name: Doki (ドキ)
Birth Name: Denise Scaramuzzino
Birthday: February 20
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Birthplace: Italy
Blood Type: AB
Instagram: dokidokichuu
Facebook: Dokichuu
Blog: dokidokichuu
YouTube: Dokichuu

Doki Facts:
– She released her first solo single Love Bottle on July 16, 2022.
– She loves Sailor Moon.
– Her member colour is violet.
– She is a founding member.
– She has been taking singing lessons since she was young.
– Her passion for Japanese music was so strong that she spoke about J-Pop idols in her degree thesis.

Kanako (かなこ)

Stage Name: Kanako (かなこ)
Birth Name: Caterina Costa
Birthday: April 29, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Birthplace: Italy
Blood Type: A+
Twitter: caterinacosta950
TikTok: kanako_hime
Instagram: kanako_hime
Blog: caterinacosta
YouTube: Kanako Hime

Kanako Facts:
– She loves the anime shows One Piece and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.
– She is a founding member.
– Her member colour is pastel pink.
– Kanako is also active as a model, actress and voice actress.
– She has starred in commercials, music videos and was even part of a short film as one of the main characters.
– She works as a voice actress for video games.
– She was a part of many choirs, such as Le Verdi note dell’Antoniano, with whom she performed on the famous Italian TV program Zecchino D’Oro.
– She composes and writes music.

Puchiko (ぷちこ)

Stage Name: Puchiko (ぷちこ)
Birth Name: Annalisa Castrovilli
Birthday: March 1
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Birthplace: Italy
Blood Type: A+
Twitter: puchiko_it
Instagram: puchiko_it
Facebook: Puchiko
YouTube: Puchiko

Puchiko Facts:
– She joined Honey Hime in December 2015.
– Her member colour is baby blue.
– Her MBTI Type is ENFJ.
– She released her first single WANKO ni nachatte on December 3, 2020.
– She is the founder of a Para Para dance group called ParaParadox. The group performed in many events and took part in many international projects.

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