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Hinata (XG) Profile & Facts

Hinata (XG) Profile & Facts

Hinata (히나타) is a member of the girl group of XGALX and AVEX, XG.

Stage Name: Hinata (ひなた/히나타)
Birth Name: Hinata Sohara (宗原ひなた)
Birthday: June 11, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Blood Type:
Instagram: hinata_nanan (inactive)

Hinata Facts:
– Hinata was born in Aichi, Nagoya, Japan.
– She is the fourth member to be revealed. Hinata was revealed on February 1, 2022.
– Some of her favorite animes are Haikyu!!, I Want To Eat Your Pancreas, and Your Lie In April.
– She was a “rumored” YG Entertainment trainee. She was seen in YG building before her debut.
– Everyone thinks that she doesn’t have any line in debut single, Tippy Toes but the producer of the song confirmed that Hinata sings all the ‘Tatatata’ parts of the song.
– She can draw very well.
– Due to her beautiful features and outstanding style, she’s a very popular member in terms of visuals.
– “Don’t mess with my MASCARA” is her favorite line in Mascara. She likes how it expresses the strong message, “I won’t let anyone make me cry!” “I will be just the way I am,” and she wants this message to be heard! [X]
– Dakdoritang is her favorite food.
– She’s fluent speaker of Korean, English and a native speaker of Japanese.
– Her grandparents are from South Korea.
– People told her that she looks like a cat.
– She likes subtle colors.
– She likes pop music and R&B.
– Her favorite Korean artist is SOLE.
– She loves reading novels.
– She wants to learn French. [X]

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