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‘GENUINE’ (Sunye) Album Info

“GENUINE” (Sunye) Album Info

“GENUINE” is the debut mini-album by Sunye and was released on July 26, 2022, with “Just A Dancer” serving as the title track.

Artist: Sunye
Release Date: July 26, 2022
Recorded: 2022
Genre: K-pop, R&B, Dance & Ballad.
Lenght: 17:07
Label: BlockBerry Creative
Writers: Sunye, Jerry Carrot, HOLLIN (MonoTree), HONEY NOISE, Park Sang-Hoon, Vanessa Campagna, Kim Yerang, JEWNO, All day on, Park Jeong-joon, Kwon Ae-Jin (MonoTree), Aurory.
Producers: Jerry Carrot, Kim Jae-jong, The Muze, Nueve, Honey Noise, Cali Rodi, pollock, Henny, Vanessa Campagna, JEWNO, All day on, Park Jeong-joon, Kwon Ae-Jin (MonoTree), Aurory.

“Genuine” – 2:42
Just A Dancer” (Title) – 3:26
“Glass Heart” – 3:28
“Now I Fly” – 4:08
“Best Thing” – 3:23

“Just A Dancer” M/V 
“Glass Heart” Live Clip
“Just A Dancer” dance practice with Dabin X Lia Kim 1M Dance Studio
“Now I Fly” recording behind 
[Preview] Highlight Medley

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