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‘from our Memento Box’ (fromis_9) Album Info

‘from our Memento Box’ (fromis_9) Album Info

Artist: fromis_9
Release Date: June 27, 2022
Type: Mini Album
Recorded: 2022
Genre: Tropical pop
Length: 15:07
Label: Pledis Entertainment
Distributor: HYBE / YG PLUS
Writer(s): danke, Stella Jones, Wkly, C’SA, and more
Producer(s): Stella Jones, Justin Reinstein, “collapsedone”, hongsamman, Coke Paris, and more

1. ‘Up And’ – 3:12
2. ‘Stay This Way‘ – 3:16
3. ‘Blind Letter’ – 2:40
4. ‘Cheese’ – 3:01
5. ‘Rewind’ – 3:33

Video links:
Comeback Teaser #1
Comeback Teaser #2
Comeback Teaser with Roh Jisun
Comeback Teaser with Park Jiwon
Comeback Teaser with Jang Gyuri
Comeback Teaser with Lee Nagyung
Comeback Teaser with Baek Jiheon
Comeback Teaser with Lee Chaeyoung
Comeback Teaser with Lee Saerom
Comeback Teaser with Lee Seoyeon
Comeback Teaser with Song Hayoung
Concept Video
Audio Teaser #1
Audio Teaser #2
Audio Teaser #3
Highlight Medley
MV Teaser
“Stay This Way” MV

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