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Erkhaan Profile and Facts

Erkhaan Profile and Facts
Erkhaan is a Sakha singer-songwriter and professional dancer under Oiuu Music. His first debut was 2011 with the single “Эн тускар” (“For You”) as MarkuZ under ZAVOD, then he redebuted as a soloist on November 26, 2019 with the single “В небо” (“To The Sky”). He is a former member of Snow Voice.

Erkhaan Official Media:
Instagram: er.khaan
YouTube: ERKHAAN (newer account) ERKHAAN (old account)
TikTok: er.khaan, erkhaaan

Stage Name: Erkhaan (Эрхаан)
Birth Name: Erkhaan Matveyevich Popov (Эрхаан Матвеевич Попов)
Birthday: November 27, 1996
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rat
Height: 180 cm (5’11″)
Weight: 68 kg (149 lbs)
MBTI Type: E—

Erkhaan Facts:
– He is from Amga village, Amginski district, Sakha Republic.
– He was raised with his mother, grandmother and grandfather in Yakutsk.
– Graduated from Saint-Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics, Banking Management Qualification (Yakutsk filial department).
– He got married on October 11, 2021 to a model and singer Gulya Averinskaya.
– He has a boy child named Tim, who was born on December 4, 2021.
– He tries to give a lot of love to his son, as he had not experienced such from his father.
– He has many friends among Sakha young artists due to his bubbly attitude.
– He is very curious and always makes quick decisions.
– He switched four schools due to bad attitude.
– He loves Nickelodeon cartoon series.
– His favorite cake is a chocolate cake with banana condiment.
– His favorite soccer club is Chelsea.
– He is a fan of Blackpink.
– As for music, he prefers such genres as rap, rock and soul.
– He is slow to get ready for something in the work.
– He plays soccer and soccer simulators in his free time.
– He watches science pop videos.
– If he had a chance to travel through time, he would arrive to the end of 1980s.
– He loves Italian food and the food his grandmother cooked.
– He does not like spicy food.
– He does not watch movies often. He does not like movies that are long to watch.
– His favorite films are The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
– His favorite Hollywood actresses are Jessica Alba and Natalie Portman.
– His bad habit is going to sleep late.
– He has claustrophobia because his mother had problems with bearing him.
– He learned taekwondo in middle school.
– He has problems with his back due to his trauma when ice skating when he was 7-10 years old.
– He has never seen his father in real life, but he knows he has two other siblings.
– He would invite other members of Snow Voice to his wedding ceremony as his groomsmen. It’s unknown whether he has done that.
– He has his own catchphrase “Заряж” (Zaryazh, approximately meaning “I’m energized”). Many of his fans and friends use that word in their daily vocabulary.
– He got his name Erkhaan only when he was one month old. Parents made a lottery with papers with names on it and let a baby decide. The future singer took a paper with “Erkhaan” twice.
– In his childhood he had a dream to have a soccer club consisting of him and 11 brothers.
– His singing voice is bariton.
– He got inspired to dance by 2000-s movies about dancing, he learnt his first dance via YouTube.
– He has visited Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, the USA, and South Korea for dancing contests with ZaVoD.
– He was a captain of several student comedic teams, which were victorious in regional competitions.
– He was the first member of Snow Voice, he had already known the CEO Semyon Chenyanov before, he came to his studio for recording his debut song.
– He is also a musical actor.
– He occasionally makes SMM business and comedic performances for hire.
– He once had his own business in water systems in 2021, he closed it in three months.
– He held his first solo concert on November 11, 2023.
– His ideal type is a beautiful, peaceful, kind girl with high cooking skills.

Erkhaan Filmography:
– Сайда тур, Сахам сирэ (Grow further, land of Sakha) (2023) – Nurgun

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