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ENHYPEN Coverography

ENHYPEN Coverography

Here is a list of every ENHYPEN official cover (links are provided).

Dance Covers
[March, 31 2021] LOVE ME RIGHT by EXO – Ni-ki, Heeseung and Jay
[January 24, 2021] Lie by BTS – Ni-ki
[October 29, 2020] Chamber 5 (Dreams of Dreams) Halloween Fruit ver.by I-LAND ENHYPEN
[March 13, 2021] Make A Wish by NCT U – ENHYPEN

Vocal Covers
[July 9, 2021] Boy In Luv by BTS – ENHYPEN
[March 31, 2021] Like by BTS – Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jake, Jungwon
[June 1, 2021] Very Good by Block B – ENHYPEN
[December 8, 2021] Permission To Dance by BTS – ENHYPEN

Which ENHYPEN cover is your favorite? (Choose up to 3)

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