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[Drama Review] Love By Chance (Thai Drama)

Love By Chance Review:


Released – August 3 – 9 November 2019

Starring – Perth, Saint, Mean, Plan, Gun, Mark, Title, Earth

Genre – LGBT, Teen drama, Romance, Comedy

– Synopsis –

This drama revolves around the lives of 8 college students and their friends, as they overcome troubles involving love, societal rules, family problems and much more.

It’s a drama filled with romance, comedy, nostalgia, pain, heartbreak and a roller coaster ride of unpredictable highs and saddening lows.

The story opens up when a rich, yet soft-spoken boy Pete, is knocked down by a boy riding a bicycle. The accident happens by chance – much like the love that blooms between both these characters – Ae, the boy riding the bicycle and the sweet soul Pete.

Directed by Siwaj Sawatmaneekul, the cast of this drama series express a high level of chemistry that make this drama quite enjoyable.

– Character Introduction –

Main characters – Perth (Ae) and Saint (Pete) are the main couple around which this drama revolves. The chemistry between the two is quite stunning and both play their roles in a beautiful fashion.

This drama has less cliche scenes and is more likely to make you grin like an idiot. You will burst into wild peals of laughter because of a certain scene which isn’t uncommon either.

Brought into the spotlight as the series unravels, are the best friends of both male leads. Ae’s best friend is a boy known as Can; a boy whose naivety and righteous anger makes him quite the comical fellow that viewers will develop a soft spot for.

Pete’s best friend on the other hand is the complete opposite of Can. Cold, arrogant and filled with hatred for the poorer class. Tin is a character whom viewers will constantly have a love-hate relationship with.

– Review –

  This drama has truly managed to present a love story between gay couples quite beautifully. The focus on how society views these couples and the pain they often go through is quite well presented to say the least. The story does have a bit of a ‘happily ever after’ cliched love story element to it, however, it does have a well rounded plot line that makes up for the aforementioned negatives.

I think the story definitely fits its given title. ‘Love By Chance’ is an apt title for such a drama which has just the right amount of sweetness and sadness. It also does not have a large number of side characters. Thus, viewers are able to focus on the plot line of the story.

I also love the fact that the drama focuses on various other social problems such as bullying as well as family pressure. These are problems that leave a long-lasting impact on people. I hope more dramas focus on similar problems in the future.

Overall, the screenplay is beautifully conceived in order to give viewers an insight into each of the main characters. As a result of which, viewers are able to see the development of each character’s personality from scratch.

It’s definitely a must-watch for all and I would advise you all watch this with some screws and a screwdriver handy. There’s no doubt in my mind that your brains will have been wrenched loose with a plethora of emotions, thanks to these wonderful characters.

– Official Trailer –

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