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Dai Meng (Diamond) (SNH48) Profile and Facts

Diamond Profile and Facts 

Dai Meng (Diamond) is a graduated member of SNH48 Team SII and an active member of 7Senses under Shanghai Star48 Culture Media. She was a contestant in the survival show Youth With You 2. She debuted as a solo artist on November 24, 2020 with the single “Ready For You”.

Fandom Name: Diamond Army (钻军/Zuan Jun)
Fandom Color: Shining Pink (gradient between #ff0815 and #f2c3db)

Diamond Official Accounts:
Personal Instagram: diamooonddd
Personal Weibo: 戴萌
Her SNH48 page: snh48.com

Stage Name: Diamond
Birth Name: Dai Meng (戴萌)
Birthday: February 8, 1993
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rooster
Height: 170 cm (5’7″)
Weight: 52.5 kg (115 lbs)
Blood Type: O

Diamond Facts:
– Her hometown is Shanghai.
– Graduated from Shanghai University, Institute of Law.
– Her “sense” is touch (SEN7ES).
– Her nicknames are Daimeng, Dai-mama and Mengmeng.
– She is an extroversive person, who is very attentive to those who love her.
– She is taking care of a Rag doll female cat named Anna since February 2019. They were ranked 1st on SNH48 pets competition. Anna even has her own Weibo topic.
– Her hobbies are fitness, nail making and shopping.
– She can speak Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
– She is skilled in MCing and swimming.
– Likes watching anime, reading, playing computer games (especially League of Legends) and singing.
– She can crush a watermelon with her bare fist and is not afraid to crack an egg with her head.
– When standing barefoot on unfamiliar ground, her toes will never touch the ground.
– She has an allergy to a cold temperature.
– She was considered as the main “male” of SNH48.
– She was a cosplayer before joining SNH48.
– Her “remark” is having a great sense of rhythm.
– A long time ago her best friend Kiki Xu gave her a present: a ring with a fake brilliant. Kiki then said that after some time she will give her a more expensive analogue. In 2020, she gave Diamond a ring with very little brilliant on it, with words: That’s all from I saved for this.
– She also close to Sun Rui and Zhang Yuge. The latter is like a younger sister for her.
– She resigned as SNH48 Team SII’s captain on January 26th, 2019.
– She was active in SNH48 for 8 years (2012-2020).
– Diamond’s Catchphrase: “Starting today kirakira, from now on pikapikachu~ Hello everyone, I am the brilliant, shining Diamond!”

Team History:
– [2012.10.14] – Joined SNH48 as a Research Student.
– [2013.04.17] – Promoted to Team Unknown.
– [2013.11.11] – Transferred to Team SII (Team SII Formation)
– [2020.10.14] – Graduated from SNH48’s Team SII (Graduation Stage: October 3, 2020 | Graduation Ceremony: October 8, 2020)

Election History:
– 1st Senbatsu Election | 13 (Senbatsu)
– 2nd Senbatsu Election | 15 (Senbatsu)
– 3rd Senbatsu Election | 12 (Top Girls)
– 4th Senbatsu Election | 11 (Top Girls)
– 5th Senbatsu Election | 8 (Top Girls)
– 6th Senbatsu Election | 9 (Top Girls)
– 7th Senbatsu Election | Didn’t participate

YWY2 Information:
– Her flower code was Fake Flower: “I am a Diamond, not a flower”.
– She was given a B rank on the first judges evaluation.
– She was ranked 9th on the episode 2.
– She was ranked 11th on the episode 4.
– She was ranked 18th on the episode 6.
– She performed Flammable & Explosive in the Vocal section for the first round.
– She was ranked 29th by live voting on the episode 7.
– She was given a C rank on the second judges evaluation.
– She was given a C rank on the third judges evaluation.
– She was ranked 24th on the episodes 9-10.
– She was ranked 32nd on the episode 12.
– She performed MAMA (Chinese Version) (Team B) for the second round Team Battle.
– She was ranked 6th by live voting on the episode 13.
– She performed R&B All Night (Team B) for the second round Revenge Evaluation.
– She was ranked 20th on the episode 16.
– She was chosen for and performed Lion for the third round.
– She was ranked 19th by live voting on the episode 18.
– She was ranked 12th on the episode 20.
– She performed Never Give Up (Team Silence Wang) for the Mentor Collab Stage.
– She performed A Little Bit for the Final Team Stage.
– She was eliminated on the final episode 23, her final rank is 15th.

Diamond Filmography:
– Girls By Half (半熟少女) (梦想预备生之半熟少女) | Beijing Times Films (2013) – Cameo
– Balala the Fairies: Princess Camellia (巴啦啦小魔仙之魔箭公主)  | Alpha Pictures (2015) – Sally
– Stairway to Stardom (逆袭之星途璀璨) | WeTV (2017) – Bai Xinlu
– Who’s the Drama Queen (青春加点戏) | iQIYI (2020) – a 24 years old clothes designer, self-reliable daughter of a rich family (Episode 5), Imperial Consort (Episode 9), 24 years old self media practitioner (Episode 10), Yunlai Inn waitress (Episode 11).

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