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Cocona (XG) Profile & Facts

Cocona (XG) Profile & Facts

Cocona (코코나) is a member of the girl group of XGALX and AVEX, XG.

Stage Name: Cocona (心那)
Birth Name: Akiyama Kokona (秋山心響)
Birthday: December 7, 2005
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type:
Twitter: cocoitsuki1 (deleted)
Instagram: cocona_xnp_ (inactive)

Cocona Facts:
– She is the third member to be revealed. She was revealed in January 31, 2022.
– Her favorite color is Green.
– She is a student of AVEX Artist Academy and a member of its project group, A-CE.
– She won the 2018 Kira Challe audition in the singing category with singing ‘Haru Haru’ by BIGBANG. [X]
– She’s sponsored by AVEX, received the Jury’s Special Award in the 2017 Kirachare Vocal (song) category.
– Speciality: Singing, rapping, dancing
– She can speak Korean fluently.
– If she could only eat one food in her lifetime, she would choose curry rice.
– She was born in Kanto, Japan.
– Since she changed her hairstyle for Mascara comeback, she made time to try on new styles, buy new clothes and enjoy coordinating them. This allowed her to discover a new style that suits her! She hopes to discover more of her new self in the future. [X]
– Her favorite artists are Lauryn Hill, Tyler The Creator and Keyshia Cole, who always inspire her and she respects them a lot! She really likes hip-hop culture and fashion, and she thinks Lauryn Hill and Tyler The Creator have influenced her in that respect as well. She also discovered Keyshia Cole with her song “Love” when she was in the sixth grade, and she was shocked to find an artist who could convey her feelings while enjoying the music so much, not to mention her singing voice. [X]
– Fellow member Maya and her are friends since childhood.
– She was born to be a musician.
– She loves mediating and taking notes with her iPad.
– She loves Hip Hop.
– Her favorite musician is Lauryn Hill, she’s her role model.
– Yellow-green is her lucky color.

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