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Chungha Discography

As a solo artist, Chungha has released one full-length album, four mini-albums, twelve singles, and a whopping twenty-six music videos. In addition, she has also been a featured artist in the songs of several other performers and has also performed OSTs and other recordings.
Before she officially debuted, Chungha was featured on the OSTs of two shows in 2016. The first was Moonlovers in the song “I Love You, I Remember You,” and this was performed alongside her fellow I.O.I members. Chungha also performed the song “Snow in This Year” for My Fair Lady.

However, Chungha’s first official, debut release as a solo artist came on June 7, 2017, with the release Hands on Me.

This mini-album consisted of five songs:
1) “Hands on Me.”
2) “Why Don’t You Know (feat. Nucksal)”
3) “Make A Wish”
4) “Cosmic Dust (우주먼지)”
5) “Week (월화수목금토일)”
“Why Don’t You Know (feat. Nucksal)” quickly became the title and promo song. It garnered several nominations but unfortunately never snagged a win.

Chungha later performed “Pit-A-Pat” for the hit TV show Strong Girl Do Bongsoon.

Let’s keep traveling along the line of time to Chungha’s next musical release~~

In January 17, 2018, Chungha released another mini-album, this one titled Offset. This release consisted of five tracks, including the title track and smash hit “Roller Coaster.”
1) “Offset”
2) “Roller Coaster”
3) “Do It”
4) “Bad Boy”
5) “Remind of You (너의 온도)”
As mentioned, the title track “Roller Coaster” quickly rose to the top of the charts soon after its release. The song, and Chungha’s amazing live dance performances to it, netted her severe end-of-the-year awards, including Best Dance Performance – Solo and Best Dance Solo Track at the 20th MAMA. “Roller Coaster” also won a Digital Bonsang at the 33rd Golden Disc Awards, and the combination of “Roller Coaster” and a sister release “Love U” won AAA Favourite Award at the 3rd Asia Artist Awards. All in all, this mini-album, and specifically “Roller Coaster” were a huge success, and put Chungha on the map as an artist to watch.

Following along the line of time to Chungha’s next musical release~~

Chungha then released another OST, this time for Luv Pub and was titled “How About You” and was also featured on the OST with her fellow castmates on the variety TV show The Call in a song titled “Remember” in the late-spring/early-summer of 2018.

Riding the success of Offset, Chungha returned in the summer and released Blooming Blue on July 18, 2018. The lead single for this mini-album was “Love U,” which was promoted as a bright song where she declares that she just wants to “love you.”
1) “BB”
2) “Love U”
3) “Cherry Kisses”
4) “Drive”
5) “From Now On”
As previously mentioned, “Love U” won AAA Favourite Award at the 3rd Asia Art Awards alongside its sister release “Roller Coaster.”

Chungha also performed on the first OST for the TV show Where Stars Land, titled “It’s You,” and was released on October 8, 2018.

She also performed an OST for the video game Aura Kingdom S titled “Sunshine.”
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Chungha flew straight into 2019 with the song “Gotta Go,” released both as a single and as a single album release under XII.

This is the song that put Chungha on the map. “Gotta Go” garnered Chungha her first music show win and awards at the 11th Melon Music Awards, 21st MAMA, 34th Golden Disc, and 9th Gaon Chart award shows. Billboard even ranked the song as the #3 Best K-Pop Song of 2019.

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Chungha’s next release was her mini-album Flourishing, which was released on June 24, 2019.
1) “Chica”
2) “Young In Love (우리가 즐거워)”
3) “Call It Love”
4) “Flourishing”
5) “Snapping”
This mini-album’s title track “Snapping” also added to her music show win total, with victories on shows including Music Bank (July 5, 2010) and Inkigayo (July 7, 2019).

Chungha also sang a song for the hit show Hotel Del Luna titled “At The End,” which was released on August 3, 2019, and reached as high as #18 on the Gaon Charts.

Following along the line of time to Chungha’s next musical release~~

Chungha’s first release in 2020 was for another TV show, this time for Dr. Romantic 2. The song was titled “My Love” and reached as high as a #114 on the Gaon Charts.

She also performed the song “You’re In My Soul” for the drama Record of Youth.

Chungha released her single “Play” on July 6, 2020, which was later repackaged into a maxi-single with the added song “Stay Tonight.” These are two singles that look like they will be appearing on Chungha’s upcoming release…

Released January 17th 2021. Due to health complications, the title track was “Bicycle”
Album Contents:
Side A {Noble}:
1) Bicycle
2) Masquerade
3) Flying on Faith
4) Luce Sicut Stellae
Side B {SAVAGE}:
1) Stay Tonight
2) Dream of You (with R3HAB)
3) Bother Me
4) Chill
1) Play (feat. Changmo)
2) Demente (feat. Guaynaa)
3) Lemon (feat. Colde)
4) BYULHARANG (160504 + 170607)
1) X
2) All Night Long
3) Everbody Has
4) Come N Go
5) Querencia (epilogue)

Demente (Spanish Ver.)
Released March 17th, 2021. It is a collaboration single by Chung Ha and Puerto Rican rapper Guaynaa.
1) Demente (Spanish Ver.)

My Lips Like Warm Coffee
Released June 8th, 2021. It is a collaboration single by Chung Ha and Colde.
1) My Lips Like Warm Coffee
2) My Lips Like Warm Coffee (Inst.)

One the Woman (Original Television Soundtrack, Pt.3)
Released October 15th, 2021.
1) Someday
2) Someday – Instrumental

Killing Me
Released November 29th, 2021. It is the first special single by Chung Ha.
1) Killing Me

Seoul Check-in OST Part4
Released April 30th, 2022
1) It’s only mine
2) It’s only mine (Inst.)

Bloody Heart, Pt.4 (Original Television Soundtrack)
Released May 23rd, 2022
1) A Star in the dawn
2) A Star in the dawn – Instrumental

Released July 11th, 2022. It is Chung Ha’s second full-length album. The title track is “Sparkling”. Originally meant to be divided into two parts, Pt.1 and Pt.2. Due to Chung Ha’s departure from MNH Entertainment, it was announced that they would not release Pt.2 under the agency due to internal circumstances.
Album Contents:

2) Sparkling
3) Louder
4) Crazy Like You (feat. BIBI)
5) California Dream
6) Good Night My Princess
7) Love Me Out Loud
8) Nuh-Uh

When I Get Old
Released October 20th, 2022. Is a collaborative single with Danish pop singer Christopher and Chungha.
1) When I Get Old

Released March 11th, 2024.
1) I’m Ready

Thuy- Hair down (with Chungha)
Released July 19th, 2024.
1) Hair down (with Chungha)
2) Hair down
3) Hair down (Sped Up)

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