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Choi Sam Profile and Facts

Choi Sam Profile and Facts

Choi Sam (최삼) is a Korean underground rapper under Beautiful Monster. She is also in a crew called LikeliHood.

Stage Name: Choi Sam (최삼)
Birth Name: Choi Jiae (최지애)
Nationality: Korean
Birthday: March 19, 1991
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 165 cm
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Choi Sam Facts:
– She prefers sweet potatoes over regular potatoes
-She wanted to get a tattoo, but heard that you couldn’t donate blood for a year if you get one, so she decided not to
-She doesn’t like beer or cola
-Choi Sam thinks love is mysterious and the most beautiful thing but at the same time it has an ugly side to it.
-She would rather perform on stage instead of lying around in her room.
-Her favorite color is black because she thinks it is a very beautiful color
-She drinks Lemonade when she eats chicken
-When asked to choose between chicken and pizza, she chose chicken
-Red is her second favorite color
-Her ideal type is someone who laughs a lot, laughs prettily, and is cute and nice
-She wants an older boyfriend than her because any boy younger than her is too young for her
-In her second year of elementary school, her teacher told her to shut up
-She thinks hip hop is a culture
-She thinks rap is her charm
-She likes family movies but doesn’t have much time to watch them
-Choi Sam is from Daegu
-She prefers her bed over her sofa
-When asked if she loves herself she answered that she doesn’t always love herself
-She prefers Jay-Z over Eminem
-If she wants to get close to someone, she will approach the person
-She listens to rap and hip hop
-She likes to read books
-She has been rapping for more than 10 years and doing hip hop for 6 years
-Her favorite season is winter
-She thinks her flaws when rapping are her pronunciation and her inability to express her feelings
-She thinks she is good at listening to other people
-She respects her father
-She doesn’t smoke

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