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Chodan (QWER) Profile and Facts

Chodan (QWER) Profile and Facts

Chodan (쵸단) is a Twitch streamer and a member of the idol band QWER.

Stage Name: Chodan (쵸단)
Birth Name: Hong Jihye (홍지혜)
Birthday: November 1, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 165 cm (5’4″)
Weight: 46 kg (101 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: choda._.n
TikTok: chodan__
Twitch: chodan_
YouTube: chodan_

Chodan Facts:
– Chodan was the first member to be added.
– She is the Leader, Drummer, and Sub Vocalist of the group.
– She was a drum major at Sungshin Women’s University.
– Her family owns a pet dog.
– Football has been one of her biggest interests ever since she was a child.
– Her favorite football club is Manchester United.
– She has received business cards from DSP Media and FNC Entertainment before, but wasn’t very interested in becoming an idol.
– She has spent 3 years boxing and 6 years learning taekwando.
– Her shoe size is 235 mm.
– She was the top table tennis player in high school.
– She likes metal music a lot, and her favorite band is Slipknot.
– Her favorite drummer is Mike Portnoy.
– Like Magenta, she is also under TREASURE HUNTER.
– Her main content includes League of Legends and various IRL content, although she plays other games too.
– She started playing League of Legends from season 2, and the highest tier she got to was Platinum 1.
– At the dorm, she mainly eats konjac rice and chicken breast.
– Her stage name, Chodan, came from saying Dancho backwards. This is the nickname of Erwin from Attack On Titan.
– She wants to push every member to work out.
– A song that she has learnt on the drums is CREEP by Radiohead. Her and Magenta try playing it together sometimes.
– She has wanted to be in a band for a long time, so she felt overwhelmed when asked to become a member of QWER.
– She is friends with a few musicians, and they loved the news of her joining a band.
– Her parents were very supportive of her as well.
– If she could change her position, she would like to try the guitar, vocals, and bass.
– Magenta was her first streamer friend.
– On her phone, she has Magenta saved as Genta.
– Her nicknames for Magenta is Gentata and her nickname for Hina is Nyang.
– She would like to try busking.
– Her role model is The Winery Dogs, an American rock band trio. She thinks their sound is incredible.
– Three years from now, she hopes that she has done concerts and accomplished something as an artist.
– When the album is released, she wants to give it to her parents first.
– Her goal for QWER is charting on Billboard.
– She is fine with any nicknames from fans as long as it isn’t something like Godori.
– When asked to describe Magenta in one word, she said ‘Mom’.
– When asked to describe Hina in one word, she said ‘Baby’.

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