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Chill Como Profile & Facts

Chill Como Profile: Chill Como Facts

Chill Como (칠코모) is a South Korean singer. He made his official debut on January 15, 2021, with EP “Convince”.

Stage Name: Chill Como (칠코모)
Birth Name: Lee Hok-jun (이혹준)
Birthday: March 8, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Instagram: @chillcomo
SoundCloud: ch7ch7xd

Chill Como Facts:
– His hobby is watching anime.
– He is usually a very lazy person.
– He plays piano since elementary school.
– He majored in piano.
– He gets bored very easily.
– He started making music in high school.
– He started singing in 2019 and never got any professional help with it.
– His stage name is a combination of the word “chill” referring to him as a lazy person and Italian-American singer Perry Como.
– He was featured in Lil Sunder11‘s song “Stainless”.
– He released his debut album on January 15th which is his mom’s birthday.
– From his debut EP, his friends like “Dummy” and “괜찮아 난” but his personal favorite is “Dummy”.
– He made a promise to his parents that he will succeed as a musician.
– The album cover of “Convince” is a collage of different people that influenced him, e.g. eyes are of his parents.
– He doesn’t consider himself a good writer.
– He has a neck tattoo.
– An artist he’d like to collaborate with is So!YoON! because he thinks she’s really cool, he loves her voice and messages behind her songs.
– His favorite anime is “Fullmetal Alchemist”.
– He is very talkative.
– His nickname is 잘고모리.
– His three charms are being witty, cozy and his voice.
– A celebrity he wants to meet is BLACKPINK‘s Jennie.
– One person that inspired him to become a singer is his childhood friend.
– He wants to make the 70s/90s funky music as of February 2021.
– Three things he cannot live without are parents, friends, and diet.
– He doesn’t have any habits.
– Something that he wants to fix is his laziness.
– His goal for 2021 is to perform.
– He wrote the song “I’m Fine” (괜찮아 난) after a break-up that can be found on his debut EP. The original version of this song was more grungy.

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