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Cheonghae (DIAWINGS) Profile & Facts

Cheonghae (DIAWINGS) Profile & Facts

Cheonghae (청해) is a South Korean songwriter, choreographer and musician under DIAWINGS Company. She is a member of Indie girl group, DIAWINGS. She debuted as soloist on December 1, 2022, with “Dear My“.

Stage Name: Cheonghae (청해)
Birth Name: Lee Dahae (이다해)
Birthday: February 27, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Blood Type:
Instagram: atiw_hae

Cheonghae Facts:
– She’s the leader of the group.
– She is writing most of the lyrics for the songs of the group.
– She is also a composer for the songs of the group.
– She can make choreographies.
– She can speak a little English.
– She has a same birth name as actress Lee Dahae.
– She is one of the original members.
– She said she is impressed a poem called “Origin” by the poet Joshua Jung for Round N Round lyrics.
– Cheonghae, Nature and poet Joshua Jung wrote “The Way To Go” lyrics impressed by Joshua Jung’s poem “The Way to Go“.
– She and Yiyeon are best friends for 12 years.
– She is also an office worker.
– Her favorite song is “Celebrity” by IU.
– She debuted as soloist on December 1, 2022, with self-written and self-produced single “Dear My“.
– She likes BTS and BLACKPINK, and she likes the message and concept of Lesserafim’s music.
– She learned to play flute for about 5 years but she thinks that it doesn’t suit her.
– Motto: Live truthfully! And based on it make music with sincerity.
– She wants to be a wise person who knows how to gain job and wealth with precious people and maintain them well.
– She listens to Kpop a lot. She really likes it. That’s why she became a Kpop artist.
– Her favorite color is blue.
– Her stage name “Cheonghae” means “blue sea”
– Cheonghae is interested in fashion and creating outfits for the group
– Cheonghae is still training in music because the group debuted without training
– Cheonghae chose the group name
– Cheonghae is making online shopping.
– Cheonghae was the main rapper before the addition of Nature. (She raps in Round N Round)
– Cheonghae likes to going abroad and finding new places both in Korea and in other countries.
– Butter (their dog) was abandoned, Cheonghae found him on the street and brought him to the home. He got traumatized so Cheonghae brings him everywhere with them.
– Cheonghae checks Korean charts a lot and listens the songs to inspire their future songs.
– Cheonghae and Yiyeon were in the same university
– Cheonghae MBTIs: TF

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