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Time FengJun (TF) Entertainment : Artists, History & Facts

Time FengJun Entertainemnt: Artists, History & Facts

Official Company Name: Beijing Times Fengjun Culture and Art Development Co., Ltd.
PinYin: 北京时代峰峻文化艺术发展有限公司
Founders: N/A
Key People: Li Fei
Founding Date: August 6, 2009
Type: Private Company
Distributor: N/A
Address: Beijing Chaoyang District body 8 North station Sanlitun SOHO office D 1801

TF Entertainment Official Social Media:
Official Website: tfent.cn
Weibo: tfentertainment

TF Entertainment Groups:
Fixed Groups:

Members: Jackson Yee, Roy, Karry
Debut Date: August 6, 2013
Status: Active
Most Recent Comeback: 灯火 (Lights)

TNT (Teens in Times)
Members: Ma Jiaqi, Ding Chengxin, Song Yaxuan, Liu Yaowen, Zhang Zhenyuan, Yan Haoxiang, He Junlin.
Debut Date: November 23, 2019
Status: Active
Most Recent Comeback: 爆米花POPCORN
Weibo: 时代少年团

 (TYT) Typhoon Teens

Members: Yao Jingyuan, Ding Chengxin, Ma Jiaqi, Song Yaxuan, Liu Yaowen
Debut Date: October 8, 2018
Disbandment Date: July 2, 2019
Status: Disbanded
Last Comeback: Sister in Love (姐姐戀愛吧)

Actors/ Soloists:
Ao Ziyi

Debut: October 31, 2018
Status: Active
Most Recent Comeback: Blank (留白)
Most Recent Drama: Hello My Girl (2021)

Zhang Yifan

Acting Debut Date: June 9, 2019
BonBon Girls Debut Date: July 4, 2020
Status: Active
Group: BonBon Girls 303
Most Recent Comeback: PLMM
Weibo: 硬糖少女303

TF Family Tree

Members: Chen Sixu, Zhao Guanyu, Zhu Zhixin, Zou Hang, Tong Yukun
Deng Jiaxin, Yu Yuhan, Su Xinhao, Zhang Ji, Zhang Zeyu, Chen Tianrun
,Zhang Junhao, Mu Zhicheng, Yao Yuchen
Status: Pre-Debut

Trail Students:
Zheng Mingyang, Li Sihan, Wang Xixiang, Jiang Junlong,
Cheng Ruohan, Chen Haoyang, Zhao Zhengyu, Lu Junxi, He Junze

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