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Bella Poarch Profile & Facts

Bella Poarch Profile: Bella Poarch Facts and Ideal Type

Bella Poarch
is a TikTok Star since her first video got published on April 11, 2020. She went viral on TikTok lip-syncing to the song “M to the B” by Millie B that has over 400 million views.

Name: Bella Poarch
Birthday: February 8, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 155 cm (5’1″)
Nationality: Filipino
Instagram: bellapoarch
Twitter: bellapoarch
Twitch: bellapoarch
YouTube: Bella Poarch
TikTok: bellapoarch

Bella Poarch Facts:
— She was born in the Philippines.
— She lives in Hawaii. (Twitter)
— She can speak Tagalog.
— Her family moved to the US when she was 13/14 years old.
— She loves video games, music, art, traveling, and anime.
— She’s diagnosed with major depressive disorder and PTSD since 2017. (Twitter)
— Sometimes she wishes she lived in the anime world.
— Video games she plays are Fortnite, Warface, Minecraft.
— The pronunciation of her name is “BE-lah PORCH”. (Facebook)
— Her nickname is TicTac. (Facebook)
— She has tattoos all over her body. On chest, back, arms, and legs.
— Her favorite quote is “Those who love last forever“. (Facebook)
— In March 2020 she got a tattoo of the red sun with 16 rays that are seen as offensive by many Koreans who regard it as a symbol of Japanese militarism and colonial rule. At that time, she didn’t know the history. But when she found out, she immediately had it covered and scheduled for removal. (Twitter)
— She served for 3 years in the United States Navy based on a report from Manila Bulletin. She’s a proud US Navy veteran.
— Some people say she looks like a woozy face emoji and she cannot unsee it. (Twitter)
— Her business email is [email protected]
— She has an alpaca plush named Paca that you can see on her social media platforms.
— Her TikTok video to “Ice Cream” by BLACKPINK ft. Selena Gomez was featured in Selena’s IG Story on September 28, 2020.
— She uploaded her first vocal cover to “Friend” by Gracie Abrams on Instagram on September 29, 2020. (x)
— She made an appearance in Sub Urban’s Cirque Music Video. (YouTube)
— She was adopted at 3 years old and before that lived with her grandma.
— She doesn’t know her biological parents and doesn’t plan to meet them.
— She debuted as a singer on May 14, 2021, with “Build a B*tch”.
— “Build a B*tch” is the biggest YouTube debut in history.
— She has a cat named PeePee since May 2021. (TikTok)
— She grew up on a farm with her foster parents in the Philipines.
— She has two older sisters and an older brother. (H3 Podcast #247)
— She’s super close with her older brother since they were treated the same way by their parents while growing up. He is the first one who joined the navy.
— She was bullied at school. (H3 Podcast #247)
— She was always scared of snakes. (H3 Podcast #247)
— Her stepmother is Philippine and her stepfather American that served 20 years in the military and decided to retire in the Philipines. They don’t have any biological children.
— She lived in San Francisco with her aunt for a few months when she first came to the US. After that in Fresno and then moved to Texas.
— She went to high school in Fresno and graduated there.
— She got her first tattoo at 17 years old. (100 Thieves)
— She’d like to make a song with Ariana Grande. (100 Thieves)
— Bella Poarch’s Ideal Type: N/A

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