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Barbin.ili Profile & Facts

Barbin.ili Profile & Facts
Barbin.iliBarbin.ili (芭比) is a Chinese dancer. She also participated in the Great Dance Crew (了不起舞社), a Chinese dance survival show and China’s Got Talent.


Instagram: barbin.ili barbinili_offical
Douyin: Barbin.ili | 伊莉沙步朗妮 | 鳌不拜警长

Stage Name Barbin.ili /Ba Bin (芭比)
Birth Name Hu Li Lu (胡李璐)
Occupation Professional dancer, social media influencer, live streamer
Birthday November 6, 1995
Active Years N/A
Age 28 (in 2024)
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Height 155 cm (5’1″)
Weight 48 kg (105 lbs)
Nationality Chinese
Blood Type N/A

Barbin.ili Facts:
– Barbin’s ranking in Great Dance Crew was Regular-Reserve-Regular.
– She was born in Zhejiang province’s Wenzhou, China.
– She is one of the top creators on Douyin with over 4 million followers. (Follow Chain)
– She is known for her dance videos, cute outfits, and appearances in various competitions.
– Her appearance in China’s Got Talent in 2021 got over 300k views on YouTube, titled “Life-size doll surprises judges”.
– Prior to GDC, she had six years of experience, and her specialty is popping.
– Her Chinese zodiac sign is Pig.
– Before the show, she was a fan of Santa.
– During the second round, she was a member of Team Fei, also known as the “Cheongsam Team.”
– For the second round, she and Fei danced the Chinese jazz dance “My Dreamy Youth” as part of the “Cheongsam Team.”
– She is a skilled dancer as well as a creator of We-Media.
– For the first evaluation, she gave a solo performance.
– She participated in a significant popping tournament held in Shanghai, but she lost, which caused her great trauma.
– Barbin.ili was a stage name she made up using Barbin, a popping-like dance technique, ili is a derived form of her first name, Li.
– Japanese dancer ACKY was her popping instructor.
– Her squad tied for third place with 43 judges’ points and 31 audience points. Her mentor made the decision for her to become a regular member.
– Following Urban team’s fourth-place finish gaining 52 from the crowd and 33.125 points from the judges, she was released and designated as a reserve member.
– She danced for her “Cheongsam-Swan Goose” alliance in the round three match two of the Tyro Cup. She ultimately engaged in combat with Mao Zhengxi.
– She participated in a 5-to-5 dance fight in the second roundabout. Her team received five qualifying spots because they received 39 votes.
– She joined forces with Team BarWell’s Lai Weier for the Knockout Tournament. They danced to the song “What I Miss” with their own choreography.
– Her team received 20 votes in match 1 of the third round, meaning they still needed to receive five qualifying spots.
– She successfully challenged Team Mao Long Yu and advanced to the third round.
– In the third round, she qualified from her team.
– The team she had assembled with others was assigned to the third round, with Ten and Cheng Xiao serving as mentors.
– She worked alongside professional dancer Li Chunlin at the finals of the Dance for the Champion. She was rated seventh after scoring 35 more points, and she was left off of the final lineup.
– As part of her graduation performance, she and Wu Si sang “Rise to Prominence” against Xiao En. They advanced to the next round of the finals after scoring 56 points.

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