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Aylah “Comely” Album Info

Aylah “Comely” Album Info

“Comely” is the Aylah‘s 1st EP Album. It was released on 27 August, 2023. The title track is “Adulting”. The album consists of 3 tracks.

Artist: Aylah
Release Date: 27 August, 2023
Length: 8:14
Type: EP Album

1. Adulting – 2:40
2. Stupid Cupid – 3:09
3. Question Mark – 2:24

Stupid Cupid, Teaser 1
Stupid Cupid, Teaser 2
Stupid Cupid
‘Stupid Cupid’ Official MV
‘Stupid Cupid’ (Acoustic ver)
‘Stupid Cupid’ MV Live Clip 1
‘Stupid Cupid’ MV Live Clip 2 (Cupid Version)
Creating my ‘Stupid Cupid’
Highlight Medley
Question Mark
Adulting, Live clip Teaser
Question Mark, Live clip teaser
Question Mark, Live Clip
Adulting, Live Clip

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