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Arthur (Kingdom) Profile and Facts

Arthur (Kingdom) Profile and Facts

Arthur (아서)
is a member of KINGDOM under GF Entertainment.

Stage Name: Arthur (아서)
Birth Name: Jang Yunho (장윤호)
Birthday: April 15, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 178 cm (5’10″)
Weight: 57 kg (126 lbs)
Blood Type: AB
Representative Emoji: 🐿
Nationality: Korean
Kingdom: Kingdom of Rain

Arthur Facts:
– He is a former member of VARSITY under the stage name Yunho.
– He’s good at street dancing and urban choreography.
– His shoe size is 265 mm.
– Arthur is an only child.
– He has a lively personality.
Nicknames: Jang Arthur, Weirdo/Crazy, Stone-Child (“돌+아이”) and Yun Tiger.
– He learned to dance by being in a street dance crew.
– His specialty is dance. He’s been dancing for 7 years.
– He has done choreographies for KINGDOM.
– He is good at girl group dances.
– If he could only choose one food to eat for the rest of his life, it would be white rice.
– He would like to be a mentor on dance related programs.
– His favorite artist is BTS’s Jungkook.
– His role model is ASTRO’s Rocky.
– His hobbies are dancing, gaming and playing table tennis.
– He’s a big fan of SG WANNABE.
– Arthur hates to lose at video games and has a fiery temper while playing them.
– His favorite foods are chicken, ramen and cake.
– Arthur sometimes makes strange noises and grinds his teeth in his sleep.
– Arthur ran into Jimin of BTS in the bathroom of a broadcasting station once and because he was so nervous, he accidentally said “Hello, I am BTS.”
– He has a habit of touching his lips, shaking his head to flip his hair, and crossing his legs while he’s on his phone.
– His favorite clothing brands are sport brands.
– Arthur started to dream of becoming an idol in 7th grade, after watching stages of a kpop festival. At first, his main interest was dancing but Jimin inspired him to dream of becoming a singer.
– He likes emotional ballads and powerful songs.
– Arthur learned singing from Lee Seungwoo, who is a famous vocal trainer and also an acquaintance of his mother.
– Louis says that Arthur is very timid around strangers, but is really nice and funny when you become close to him.
– Arthur can’t eat sashimi. He says it hurts when he does.
– The words he likes the hear the most are “What can’t you do?!”
– He has a vlog serie on YouTube called ‘[DO YOU KNOW?]’, it’s a play on words since is birth name ‘Yunho’ sounds like ‘You Know’.
– His favorite Baskin Robbins flavors are Gone with the Wind and My Mom Is An Alien
– Often watches game broadcasts while waiting and is a fan of the game ”Battleground.”
– Louis (Kingdom Member)  said he seems like the type to use a ”Death Note” book.
– Is the type that gets stressed when he doesn’t work.
– Is the one that always accidentally(mostly) gives spoilers.
– There was supposed to be a cropped jacket for his outfit in his ”Off my face” cover but ultimately didn’t wear it because he lost the confidence after trying it on.
– Said that when we meet him at a fan sign event to tell him he worked hard, pat his hair and touch his cheeks.
– Likes physical touch.
– Likes watching horror movies but doesn’t like jumping scenes and the unique sound of horror movies.
– When he was in 4th grade he wanted to take a courage test so he gathered his fiends and they went up a mountain with them, but it wasn’t as scary as he thought it would be. But back then he was walking without looking where he went so he tripped over a branch and got a stone stuck in his palm from which he still has a scar from and he also didn’t cry back then because when he cries he gets attention and he doesn’t like that so he pretended to be strong and cried at home.
– Is a quiet sleeper but often goes ”uahhh” while sleeping according to Louis.
– Arthur said that when memorizing/learning new choreography he is the type to make a lot of mistakes but also is the one to show Dann the moves.
– His motto is “Let’s not postpone to tomorrow the things we can do today.”
– Wants to try nail art sometime.
– His middle school friend was TRENDZ’ Yeonwoo.
– Finds individual photo times the most embarrassing because everyone is looking at him.
– Can’t stand getting jealous/jealousy and gets angry when he feels like he’s loosing kingmakers attention.
– On April 25, 2023, GF Entertainment released a statement saying that Arthur will be on hiatus from now on for health reasons but will return to the group when his health is good again and on June 09 2023, he resumed his activities with KINGDOM after about one month.

Ideal Type: A short woman with lots of aegyo.

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