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Alisha Profile & Facts

Alisha Profile: Alisha Facts and Ideal Type

Alisha (알리샤)
is an independent R&B singer. She made her debut in 2017 with the single “Love Me (Feat. Mutang & The $Eoul Kid)”.

Stage Name: Alisha (알리샤)
Birth Name: Alice Park
Korean Name: Park Ji-young (박지영)
Birthday: N/A
Zodiac Sign: N/A
Height: N/A
Instagram: @cocalisha
Twitter: @cocalisha (Private)
SoundCloud: cocalisha
YouTube: Alisha

Alisha Facts:
— She was born in Virginia, USA.
— She moved back to Korea when she was 3 years old and at 13 years old to Pennsylvania. In her senior year of high school, she came back to Korea again as a last-minute decision.
— She found living in Pennsylvania boring.
— She has a younger brother.
— She speaks fluent English and Korean.
— She majored in international business.
— She started her music career as a rapper since her voice is deep and low, she thought rap would go well with it.
— She took all rapping songs and mixtapes down because she finds them embarrassing and amateurish.
— She went to Peru for 6 months as an exchange student in college.
— Her favorite music genres are hip-hop and r&b.
— She doesn’t consider herself a good singer.
— She is a self-taught musician.
— She finds writing lyrics in English easier than in Korean.
— Her business email is [email protected]
— She writes her songs mostly about love.
— She works a part-time job as an English teacher for adults.
— Her first radio show was on Arirang Radio’s Sound K, in 2020.
— She lives independently since August 2019.
— She feels the happiest when she can write everything she wants.
— She had people reaching out to her, asking if her song was about them. And she answers with a “no”.
— When she was in college, she sang songs and wrote lyrics as a hobby. (unpluggedbaba)
— When she was a full-time employee, she worked for a company. (unpluggedbaba)
— Her favorite artists growing up were Rihanna, Amy Winehouse, and Mac Miller.
— She is a perfectionist.
— She writes lyrics straightforwardly that’s why she gets questions on who the song is about. (unpluggedbaba)
— She asks her friends for feedback since she doesn’t have any producers.
— Her username is “cocalisha” because “alisha” was taken and she wanted it to end with the letter “a” as it’s more catchy, she also likes Coca-Cola so combined the two together.
— Other things she usually does other than working on music is making money by translating and tutoring English. (unpluggedbaba)
— The hardest song she has worked on is “A.Sober” because it took her a month to record it and for the first time in her life she sang with a high pitch and in harmony. (unpluggedbaba)
— She usually finishes the song in a week and writes lyrics in 30 minutes. (unpluggedbaba)
— Between composing and writing, she considers herself better at writing lyrics.
— She searches her name only when she releases a new song, EP.
— Her hobby is cooking but she doesn’t consider herself a good cook. She’s practicing cooking.
— She doesn’t have any pets.
— A compliment she likes to hear the most is that her songs are good.
— When she was in high school, she wanted to be a psychiatrist.
— Artists she would like to collaborate with are from H1GHR MUSIC label because she likes them a lot. She mentioned Jay Park, Sik-k, pH-1, and Haon.
— She releases stress by drinking and she’s an average drinker with 2 bottles of soju.
— She got LASIK eye surgery.
— She used to drink a bottle of wine every day since near her place they were selling it for cheap. As it started becoming a problem, after LASIK eye surgery she stopped drinking alone.
— She was the proudest about starting music when she got her first paycheck.
— She watches “Itaewon Class” on Netflix as of October 2020.
— Alisha’s Ideal Type: N/A

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