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AJAA “4Ü” Album Info

” Album Info

” is AJAA‘s 1st EP Album. It was released on September 7, 2023.
The title track is “HANY“. The album consists of 4 tracks.

Artists: AJAA (JC, ASH, ALEX, AXL)
Release Date: September 7, 2023 at 6PM PHT.
Length: 12:35
Genre: Pop
Type: EP Album
Label: Cornerstone Entertainment.
Producers: Cursebox, Franz Chua, Gabriel Tagadtad, Kevin Yadao, Theo Mortel.
Writers: JC, ASH, AXL, Franz Chua, JC Sales, Kevin Yadao.

1. HANY     *TITLE     –  3:10
2. BDE (BEST DAY EVER)     –  2:06
3. CUPPYCAKE     – 3:25
4. TORPE     – 3:52

Concept Teaser Films: AJAA, JC, ASH, ALEX, AXL.
Highlight Medley
MV Teaser
Lyric Video: “HANY”
Lyric Video: “BDE (BEST DAY EVER)”
Lyric Video: “CUPPYCAKE”
Lyric Video: “TORPE”


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