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ABLE “Unparadise” Album Info

Unparadise” Album Info

Unparadise” is ABLE‘s 1st EP Album. It was released on August 2, 2023.
The title tracks are “Last night“, “Paradise“, and “Ghetto“. The album consists of 8 tracks.

Artist: ABLE
Release Date: August 2, 2023 at 6PM KST.
Length: 22:54
Genre: Pop
Type: EP Album
Label: Mine Field.
Producers: Namguitar, niceshotnick, Nochang, TE’O, tuna., Wiz World.
Writers: ABLE, Owen.
Composers: ABLE, ARON, Eskimo, Namguitar, niceshotnick, Nochang, TE’O, Wiz World.
Arrangers: Namguitar, niceshotnick, Nochang, TE’O, Wiz World.

1. Side effects      – 2:29
2. 뭐가 미안해 (Sorry about what) (ft.Choisul)     – 2:05
3. Last night (ft.Owen)     – 3:37
4. Paradise     – 3:07
5. What should i do    – 2:45
6. Ghetto    -3:39
7. Reminiscence (Interlude)    – 0:50
8. Daisy Remix (ft.ARON, INJAE)    – 4:19

“Ghetto” Lyric Video
“Unparadise” Full Album Lyric Video


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