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Yosuke Sugino Profile and Facts

Yosuke Sugino Profile and Facts

Yosuke Sugino (杉野 遥亮) is a Japanese actor and model, working under Top Coat agency.

Name: Yosuke Sugino (杉野 遥亮)
Birthday: September 18, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Nationality: Japanese
Height: 185 cm (6’0″)
Blood Type: O
Twitter: @suginoofficial
Official Profile: Sugino Yosuke

Yosuke Sugino Facts:
– Yosuke is from Chiba Prefecture. Japan.
– He graduated from Chiba Prefectural Sakura High School.
– He was a student at Hosei university but he dropped out in 2015.
– He won the Grand Prix at the 12th FINEBOYS exclusive model audition in 2015.
– Winning the FINEBOYS audition paved way for him to enter into the acting industry.
– He debuted as an actor in 2016.
– He works at Top Coat agency as an actor.
– Yosuke is non-vegetarian.
– He is often being told that he’s weird (“One Day You Will Reach The Sea” Interview)
– However, he considers himself to be serious.
– He was featured in many commercials.
– He appeared in Aiko’‘Puramai’ MV and androp‘s ‘Happy End’ MVs.
– Yosuke admires Tori Matsuzaka, a senior at his agency.
– He is a member of the music group GReeeeN Boys. (Formed from the movie, “Kiseki -Ano Hi no Sobito”)
– In 2021, he took part in ‘Long Journey to Night’ stage play that was performed in Tokyo and Kyoto in 2021.
– He picked to date Shotaro Mamiya from the Tokyo Revengers cast of he was a girl.
– He is known for his roles in Tokyo Revengers, My Girlfriend Is a Serial Killer and The Wednesday When Pretty Proofreader Is Not Around.

Yosuke Sugino Movies:
Violence Action | バイオレンスアクション (2022) – Terano
One Day, You Will Reach The Sea | やがて海へと届く (2022) – Atsushi Tono
Tokyo Revengers | 東京リベンジャーズ (2021) – Naoto Tachibana
Flight on the Water | 水上のフライト (2020) – Sota Kaga
My Girlfriend is a Serial Killer | 羊とオオカミの恋と殺人 (2019) – Etsuro Kurosu
Iwane: Sword of Serenity | 居眠り磐音 (2019) – Shinnosuke Kawade
L-DK: Two Loves, Under One Roof | L♥DK ひとつ屋根の下、「スキ」がふたつ。 (2019) – Shusei Kugayama
Lenses on Her Heart | きらきら眼鏡 (2018) – Takayuki Oyamada
Waiting For Spring | 春待つ僕ら (2018) – Ryuji Tada
Anoko no Toriko | あのコの、トリコ。 (2018) – Subaru Tojo
Anonymous Noise | 覆面系ノイズ (2017) – Yoshito Haruno
My Brother Loves Me Too Much | 兄に愛されすぎて困ってます (2017) – Kunimitsu Serikawa
Kiseki: Sobito of That Day | キセキ -あの日のソビト- (2017) – Soh

Yosuke Sugino Drama Series:
Riding a Unicorn | ユニコーンに乗って (2022) – Ko Suzaki
Love’s In Sight | 恋です!~ヤンキー君と白杖ガール~ (2021) – Morio Kurokawa
My Sister | 僕の姉ちゃん (2021) – Junpei Shirai
Nao is a Third Grader in Elementary School | 直ちゃんは小学三年生 (2021) – Nao
Homeroom | ホームルーム (2020) – Megumi’s Husband
The Pride of the Temp | ハケンの品格 (2020) – Yutaro Ide
If Talking Paid | 俺の話は長い (2019) – Kaisei Komano
Flower and the Beast 2 | 花にけだものSecond Season (2019) – Hyo Kakizono
Scams | スカム (2019) – Seijitsu Kusano
Mistresses | ミストレス~女たちの秘密~ (2019) – Takashi Kido
The New King Season 2 | 新しい王様 Season 2 (2019) – Koshiro Kamonomiya
The New King | 新しい王様 (2019) – Koshiro Kamonomiya
Don’t Forget Me | 大恋愛〜僕を忘れる君と (2018) – Shota Ogawa
Zero: The Bravest Money Game | ゼロ 一獲千金ゲーム (2018) – Sunao Saotome
Are You Ready? Hey You Girl! | 覚悟はいいかそこの女子 (2018) – Toma Naito
Yareta Kamo Iinkai | やれたかも委員会 (2018) – Wataru Sawabe
Flower and the Beast | 花にけだもの (2017) – Hyo Kakizono
Ani ni Aisaresugite Komattemasu | 兄に愛されすぎて困ってます (2017) – Kunimitsu Serikawa
Pretty Proofreader | 地味にスゴイ! 校閲ガール・河野悦子 (2016) – Nobuyoshi Masamune

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