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YooA (OH MY GIRL) “SELFISH” Album Info

SELFISH” Album Info

SELFISH” is YooA‘s 2nd Mini Album. It was released on Nov.14, 2022.
The title track is “Selfish“. The album consists of 4 tracks.

Artist: YooA
Release Date: November 14, 2022 at 6PM KST.
Length: 12:10
Genre: KPOP
Type: Mini Album
Label: WM Entertainment
Writers: Ale Alberti, Carla Gibert, Dem Jointz, Eyelar, Josh Cumbee, Seo Jiyoung, Seo Jung Ah.
Composers: Ale Alberti, Autumn Rowe, Eyelar, Gino The Ghost, Josh Cumbee, Macy Maloy, Molly Moore, My Helmner.
Arrangers: Anton Rundberg, Dem Jointz, Emile Ghantous, Julia Karlsson, Leslie Johnson, Ryan S.Jhun, Sebastian Daniel.

1. Selfish *TITLE  – 3:28
2. Lay Low   – 2:48
3. Blood Moon  – 3:14
4. Melody   – 2:39

”Lay Low” MV
”Melody” MV
Don’t hesitate and tell me how you feel!
You and I, we are totally done!
Highlight Medley
“Selfish” MV Teaser
“Selfish” MV
MV Making Film
“Selfish” Fan Chant
“Selfish” Recording Film
MV Reaction
Album Jacket Making Film
Seunghee & Hyojung; “Selfish” MV Reaction
Practice Version; “Selfish”
Practice Version; “Lay Low”
Behind The Scenes; “Lay Low” & “Melody”
genie’s PLAY COLOR; “Selfish”
TONGTONG’s Showcase Stage; “Lay Low”
TONGTONG’s Showcase Stage; “Selfish”


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