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Ding Cheng Xin (TNT) Profile and Facts

Ding Cheng Xin (TNT) Profile: Ding Cheng Xin Facts and Ideal Type

Ding Cheng Xin (丁程鑫) is a Chinese actor, singer, and main dancer of the group, TEENS In TIMES (TNT), under Time Fengjun Entertainment. He made his acting debut in the 2016 television drama “Finding Soul.”

Ding ChengXin’s Fandom Name: Proxima Star

Name: Ding Cheng Xin (丁程鑫)
Nickname: 小丁;Xiao Ding;老丁;Lao Ding;程程;ChengCheng
Birthday: February 24, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Horse
Height: 176 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Weibo: Times Group-Ding Chengxin

Ding ChengXin Facts:
– Born In: Anyue County, Ziyang, China.
– Education: Chongqing Tianba Primary School, Chongqing Yucai Middle School.
– Nation: Han Nationality.
– His Nationality is Chinese.
– He has no scar on face.
– He is known for look alike Winwin of WayV, Jun of Seventeen, and actor Im SiWan.
– He is closest to Yaowen.
– He is good friend with Ao Ziyi.
– He is most popular member.
– His hmetown is Shishuan.
– He join TF Ent in 2013.
– He is known for his good visuals.
– He covers many songs like new heroes of TEN and Bishop’s River, NCT 127’s Kick It, SUPER M’s Jopping, Red Velvet Psycho, SEVENTEEN’s Very Nice, etc.
– Things he like are babies, members, fashion, dancing, and acting.
– He likes to eat green chilli.
– He is the oldest member in Teens In Times.
– His Personality is loyal, honest, funny, caring, likes to play Prank on members.
– He can play guitar and can sing at one time.
– In 2013, Chengxin officially joined the TF family as trainees.
– He can play various musical instruments like guitar, piano, Bass etc.
– Ding Chengxin’s certified fan name is Promixa Star.
– Chengxin has one older sister and one younger brother.
– He is oldest brother/big brother of tf family.
– Chengxin loves to play basketball.
– His hobbies are reading, singing, playing guitar, taking care of younger.
– He’s afraid of heights.
– He is athlete.
– Ding Chengxin’s fans are also called the sweet heart candy.  Netizens thinks that because Chengxin is very sweet and handsome in appearance.
– His fandom name hasn’t announced yet but still it’s used proxima star or sweet heart candy.
– He debuted in Teens of Times (时代少年团)On October 10, 2019.
– In October 7, 2018 He debuted as the leader, vocalist and dancer in group Typhoon Teens under TF ent.
– One of his favorite foods is meat.
– He loves potatoes.
– Favorite season: Summer.
– His favorite film is “Mojin-The Lost Legend”.
– For clothing, he loves wearing Black and White.
– He doesn’t like onions.
– His favorite song is “Flammable and Explosive”(易燃易爆炸)
– His favorite colors are red, yellow, black, and green.
– He ranks on top list of social media influences.
– He likes the sea.
– He is ranked in top list of most influenced Chinese idols, In 2019.
– He ranked first on Weibo influences, in 2018.
– He loves oranges.
– He also loves eating hot pot.
– He was Ranked as the 2nd of general influences, in December 2017.
– On April 25th 2018, was selected as the 33rd place in LikeTCCAsia’s 100 most beautiful new faces in China.
– In 2002, Ding Chengxin was born in Anyue County, Ziyang City, Sichuan Province.
– His sister is a nurse in a hospital in Chongqing. His parents worked in the field.
– Only during the summer vacation each year would he have the opportunity to meet his parent.
– Whenever he separates from his parents, Chengxin cry silently.
– Since he was young, he lacks the care of his parents, so he is more sensible than his peers.
– After attending elementary school, Ding Chengxin lived in Chongqing with his already working sister, so the mountain city of Chongqing became his second hometown.
– In the fifth grade of elementary school, when he was 11 years old, he was discovered by TF family scouts on the streets of Chongqing
– ChengXin was part of TF家族 (aka TF trainees called TF family) and was featured in a web drama called [Obsessed with Heart (念念). With Some of the former members of Typhoon Teens.
– August 16, released with the combined Typhoon Youth Group to express self-confidence Ang Yang’s single “Wake up”
– September 30, released with the group Single “Juvenile Lang”
– October 7th, with the combined typhoon youth group held the debut in Chongqing, and released the debut double singles “Wolf Boy” and “Like Me”
– In March 2016, played the role of the young AI249 in the online drama “Super Junior Password”.
– He had participated in the “Topking dance club” along with Ao Ziyi (2014-2015).
– Has appeared in three seasons TF Family homemade variety “TF Junior GO”.
– On November 14th, 2015, he participated in the recording of the “Mad Madison” variety show.
– He starred in the TV series Cyclone Girl 2, In May 2016.

Sweet Combat (2018) as Fang Zhou
Obsessed with Heart (2018) as Lin Shuo
Boyhood (2017) as Feng Chengcheng
The Whirlwind Girl 2 (2016) as Chang An (Young)
Finding Soul (2016) as 249

-November 6, 2016, 1st Fan Carnival; Second Star Award
– August 18, 2018
, The 3rd Fan Carnival; Fake Milk Association Lifetime Honorary Member Award
– December 6, 2019
, 2020 iQiyi Screaming Night Annual Festival; Annual Potential Combination Award
– December 8, 2019
, TMEA Tencent Music Entertainment Festival; Annual New Voice Group Award

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