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Sua (CSR) Profile

Sua Profile and Facts

Sua (수아) is a South Korean member of the girl group CSR.

Stage Name: Sua (수아)
Birth Name: Yu Su A (유수아)
Position: Leader, Dancer
Birthday: July 23, 2005
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: –
Weight: –
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Korean
TikTok: @dancesua05

Sua Facts:
– She was born in South Korea.
– She is one of the members from the original line-up
– She has the same name as OAHSIS (SeeArt)/D.A.N.‘s SuA (also a member of the project group AQUA)
– She, Geumhee and Seoyeon all attend the same school.
– She’s in a dance club at her school
– She and Seoyeon are called “SuSeo” (a combination of their names, Sua and Seoyeon). The two of them are quite close to each other.
– Her favorite drinks are soft drinks.
– Sua’s favorite fruit is peaches.
– She also seems to be close to Geumhee and Duna
– She thinks iPhones are better at design and taking better quality photos.
– Although she believes iPhone has a better design, she generally prefers Samsung Galaxy phones
– If she could have a power she would choose to be invisible.
– She rather have fried chicken (with mustard) over seasoned chicken.
– If she had to choose between not washing her face and not washing her teeth, she’d choose not brushing her teeth.
– Her role model is Suzy because she’s perfect at everything — she can dance well, act well, and sing well.
– She loves her Hello Kitty bolster.
– Her favorite food is gopchang-jeongol
– She hates pigeons.
– She says the hardest thing while training was the work.
– Sua prefers living as a pigeon rather than living with pigeons.
– She trained for 5 years before debuting.
– Her favorite season/weather is spring/autumn.
– She’d rather have 300mm feet than 30cm hands.
– Sua’s nicknames are Yoo Soonga and Yoo Swa.
– She has a sleeping habit of sleeping with her eyes open.
– Sua’s special skill is eating fast.
– Sua rather text over phone.
– Her hand’s size is 15-20 cm.
– She listens to Sunmi.
– She never has her hair plain because she thinks it’s boring.
– Seoyeon believes she looks really good with a bun.
– Both Sua and Seoyeon are playing a phone game named “Hamster Village”, but Seoyeon is better at it.
– She is under POPMUSIC Entertainment.
– Sua tends to be late quite often according to the other members.
– She, Seoyeon and Duna made a parody of Trusting and Listening by the YouTuber Kim Nayeon.
– Her role model is BTS because of their good teamwork and their ability to bond with fans.
– Sua’s strength is setting the mood.
– Her con is not being able to stand still.
– Sua’s favorite time of the day is when she eats rice.
– Sua’s least favorite food is seolleongtang.
– Her rank in CSR is 0.
– Sua is the best at waving amongst the other members in CSR.
– Sua made her actress debut in the drama ‘Under The Gun’.

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