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“SKZ- Replay” (Stray Kids) Album Info

“SKZ-Replay” (Stray Kids) Album info

“SKZ-Replay” is the 3rd compilation album by Stray Kids and was released on December 21, 2022 with “FAM Korean ver.” serving as the title track.

Artist: Stray Kids
Release Date: December 21, 2022
Type: Compilation album
Label: JYP Entertainment • Republic 
Genre: R&B/Soul, Korean Dance, Dance/Electronic, Ballads, Rock/Alt, Hip-Hop/Rap, FolkPop
Producers: 3Racha, Versachoi, HotSauce, Millionboy, Nickko, YoungShim, Eun-jee, Hong Ji-sang, Semi, Kim, Bush, Nick Lee, Josh Wei

A-side tracks:
1.”FAM Korean version” title –3:33
2.”Connected” (Bang Chan)-2:52
3. “Limbo (나지막이)” (Lee Know)-03:17
4.”Doodle” (Changbin)-03:04
5.”Love Untold” (Hyunjin)-03:31
6.”Run” (Han)-2:59
7.”Deep End” (Felix)-03:28
8.”Stars and Raindrops (내려요)” (Seungmin)-03:49
9.”Hug Me(안아줄게요)” (I.N)-3:00

B-side tracks:
1.”Zone” (Bang Chan, Changbin, Han)-03:33
2.”Close” (Han)-03:46
3.”Streetlight” (Changbin ft Bang Chan)-03:09
4.”I Hate To Admit (인정하기 싫어) ” (Bang Chan)-02:50
5.”I Got It” (Han)-02:51
6.”Miss You (꼬마별)” (Hyunjin)-03:09
7.”Maknae On Top (막내온탑)” (I.N. ft Bang Chan and Changbin)-2:33
8.”Alien (외계인)” (Han)-03:20
9.”Because (좋으니까)” (Changbin, Felix)-03:18
10.”Piece Of A Puzzle (조각)” (Changbin, Seungmin)-02:53
11.”Wish You Back” (Han)-03:18
12.”HaPpy” (Han)-03:30
13.”Up All Night (오늘 밤 나는 불을 켜)” (Changbin, Felix, Seungmin, Bang Chan)-03:22
14.”Drive” (Bang Chan, Lee Know)-02:44
15.”Ice.Cream” (Hyunjin)-2:50

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