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shinsammy sj Profile and Facts

shinsammy sj Profile & Facts

shinsammy sj is a South Korean Rapper, who officially debuted with album “#FFF000” in 2021.

Stage Name: shinsammy sj
Birth Name: Sang Jung Shin (신상정)
Birthday: January 20th, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Instagram: shinsammy_sj
Youtube: shinsammy sj
Genre: Alternative Hip-Hop / K-Pop

shinsammy sj Facts:
– The majority of the tracks on the ‘#FFF000’ album are true stories, based on shinsammy sj and his friends experiences. He tries his best to reflect Korean society as a whole.
– It took him two years to make ‘#FFF000’.
– shinsammy sj is a combination between his english name and korean name..
– Most Asian countries place their last name front of our first name, so he wanted to highlight he identity as an Asian.
– He used to play lots of instruments but failed and decided to sing when he was 8 years old.
– His voice changed as he grew older, so he started do rap.
– He can play piano, violin and flute, but he thinks he is terrible at them.
-He recorded his first official song when he was 17-18 years old.
– He needed 2 months to record “story of seoul: s.o.s” because the verses took many tries to get right.
– His song, “intro” took the shortest amount of time to make, but usually he needs 1 month to make a song.
– His dream is to be apart of the music industry because that is where all of his inspirations are.
– shinsammy sj is inspired by Verbal Jint, Kanye West, Tyler the Creator, Kendrick Lamar, Vince Staples, and more.
– shinsammy sj admires artists who care about more than music.
– His major is fine arts, and that’s why he cares much about visuals. He wants to widen his music impact through visuals and videos.
– shinsammy sj goes to New York City to major in art and attempts to make music there.
Untell has been working with shinsammy sj for multiple years.
– He has a lot of artists he wants to collaborate with, and he is looking forward to work with others as soon as possible..
– shinsammy sj dream is collaboration with Kanye West..
– His album is called ‘#FFF000’, which is the color code for the yellow, and it represents his identity as an Asian.
– As a child who grew up surrounded by both Black and White culture, ‘#FFF000’ declares his identity as neither Black or White, but someone who wants to be part of pop culture.
– He got his inspiration for ‘#FFF000’ from a lot of real life experiences. The rise in Asian hate due to the COVID-19 pandemic was another large inspiration for him. The competive education system inspired him as well.
– shinsammy sj really loves all of his songs, but he chose “story of seoul: s.o.s” as his favorite.
– All his songs on the album ‘#FFF000’ were mixed by vidalowkey.
– His favorite color is yellow.

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