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Rose Finger Members Profile

Rose Finger Members Profile: Rose Finger Facts

Rose Finger (로즈핑거) is a 4-member girl group under YC:Bros Entertainment. The group currently consists of: Hayan, Hyebin, Segye & Daun. Soobin left the group on July 30, 2019. Rose Finger debuted on October 3, 2018 with their digital single ‘HIBIDI-POP’.

Rose Finger Fandom Name:
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Rose Finger Official Accounts:
Instagram: @rosefinger_official

Rose Finger Members Profile:

Stage Name: Hayan (하얀)
Birth Name:
Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist, Rapper
Zodiac Sign:
Blood Type:
Instagram: @hayan_vv

Hayan Facts:
– She is a former member of Dice where she went by the stage name Yeoul
– Hayan used to be a pole dance instructor. She really loves pole dancing
– Hayan loves to eat and one of her favorite snacks is crackers
– One of her special talents is to eat crackers without a sound
– She can play the piano
– These days she’s learning to play the guitar
– Hayan can correctly guess the notes that are used on a piano when being played
– She has a cat named ‘DungDung-i’


Stage Name: Hyebin (혜빈)
Birth Name: Kim Hyebin (김혜빈)
Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Rapper
Birthday:  March 29, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Blood Type:
Instagram: @hye_bin0329
Twitter: @gpqls100

Hyebin Facts:
– She says that she has pretty long legs
– Hyebin is good at the high note battle and says she can hit higher notes than most people
– She has 1 dog and 1 cat


Stage Name: Segye (세계)
Birth Name: Shin Se Gye (신세계)
Position: Main Dancer, Rapper, Maknae
Birthday:  August 19, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 171 cm (5’7″)
Blood Type:
Instagram: @rose_finger_world, @new_world98

Segye Facts:
– Her current school is Hanyang Women University and she’s studying Sports and Leisure
– Segye says that she’s at a sports college but she has zero athleticism and always finishes in the bottom in her grade. She even got a D in swimming
– Segye is the tallest member in the group. She says she is the one who raises the groups average height
– She choreographed the dance for their single ‘Go Away’
– She has cats
– Segye and Hayan live together


Stage Name: Daun (다운)
Birth Name: Kim Da Un (김다운)
Position: Main Rapper
Birthday: January 31, –
Zodiac Sign:
Instagram: @da_un_n

Daun Facts:
– She joined the group on July 30, 2019 due to Soobin leaving the group

Former member:

Stage Name: Soobin (수빈)
Birth Name: Na Soo Bin (나수빈)
Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer
Birthday:  December  12, 1991
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type:
Instagram: @soobin_na
Twitter: @_surumii
Youtube: 나수빈

Soobin Facts:
– She is a former member of Dorothy
– She used to be a personal trainer at a gym
– Soobin says that she has an ant waist and hippo hips. Her waist is 21 inches while her hips are 35-36 inches
– Her special talents are to make animal sounds and to act like Celeb Five
– Soobin really loves anime like Pokemon and Sailor Moon
– She can do 10 push ups
– She collects plushies
– She has an Instagram account for her animals @_1dog3cats
– She posts dance videos on YouTube
– She has tattoos
– On July 30, 2019 she left the group together with a statement on her Instagram saying “Hello, fans of Rosefinger. I’m Soobin. As was uploaded on Rosefinger’s official Instagram today, I’m no longer a member of Rosefinger. I’m sorry to disappoint you. I am no longer a member of Rosefinger, but I still love music and dance. And I’m still close to the members of Rosefinger. Please cheer for Rosefinger and the new member who joined! Thank you.”

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