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Reddy Profile and Facts

Reddy Profile and Facts:

Reddy / 레디 is an Korean rapper who debuted in 2011. He’s currently under the 131 Label.

Rap Name: Reddy / 레디
Birth Name: Kim Hongwoo / 김홍우
Birthday: 11th of November, 1985
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 173 cm / 5’8″
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: keemhongwu
Twitter: kimhongwu
Weibo: keemhongwu
YouTube: 레디 REDDY

Reddy Facts:
– His MBTI is ISFJ.
– Religion is Protestantism.
– Joined 131 Label on 30 Sept. 2022.
– He has completed his military service.
– Speaks both Korean and a bit of English.
– It has been stated that he’s also an model.
– Education: Hanbat MS, Namdaejeon HS, Kaywon Uni. of Art & Design.
– Part of the group, HEARTCORE.
– Previously a member of The Cohort.
– Debuted in 2011 with ‘Captain Reddy‘.
– Appeared on SMTM5, he made it to R6 before he was eliminated.
– On SMTM777, Reddy got to round 3.
– Collaborated with Jay Park with the song ‘Think‘.
– Featured on Yugyeom of GOT7, ‘I Don’t Know‘.
– His drinking capacity is two glasses of Soju.
– Doesn’t appear to enjoy drinking alone nor smoking.
– He only enjoys drinking with people rather than alone.
– His clothes are mostly from thisneverthat and Supreme.
CONVERSE and VANS can be seen on his feet most of the times.
– No longer under Hi-Lite Records as the label has now sadly disbanded.
– In April 2022, he featured on Lil Moshpit‘s ‘DIE HARD‘.
– On Oct. 13, he released his 1st EP album; “REDDY ACTION“.

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