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Oceanfromtheblue Profile and Facts

Oceanfromtheblue Profile: Facts and Profile

Oceanfromtheblue is a South Korean singer under Nostalgia Music. He officially debuted on March 12, 2018.

Stage Name: Oceanfromtheblue
Birth Name:
Birthday: 23.06.1993
Height: 168cm
Weight: 65kg

Instagram: oceanfromtheblue
YouTube: oceanfromtheblue
Spotify: oceanfromtheblue
Apple Music: oceanfromtheblue
Deezer: Oceanfromtheblue

Oceanfromtheblue Facts:
– He was formerly known as OCEAN (오션)
– He’s currently working under Nostalgia Music and was working under CJ E&M Music
– He is a singer, composer and lyricist
– He speaks Korean and very little English
– He has tattoos on his arms, legs and his chest (eleven in total)
– He had his debut on March 12, 2018 with Luv-fi(2018)
– He makes indie and R&B songs
– His favorite movie is “Hereditary” and “Man in Love”
-He is a dog person
-He said he is introverted
-He watches anime
-His favorite anime at the moment is “The time I got reincarnated as a Slime” (September 2020)
-He has two snails called Gary and Turbo
– “Take Off” is a story about his life experiences (the kraze)
– He says the album “Take Off” is his depression itself (vocal.media)
– He wants to be someone who can empathize and comfort people with his music (the kraze)
– His songwriting process is thinking about his life experiences (the kraze)
– He’s the most influenced by Chris Brown (the kraze)
– He wants to do more poppish, bright songs in the future (the kraze)
– His favorite cover that he did is “Best Part” by “Daniel Caesar” and “H.E.R.” (the kraze)
– He doesn’t drink, but goes to drinking parties to listen to drunk and honest people (vocal.media)

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