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Non¬Fiction Members Profile

Non¬Fiction Members Profile

Non¬Fiction (ノンフィクション or のんふぃく) is a five-member Japanese idol group a part of the combined group, HEROINES. The group consists of Piano, Riho, Nami, Haruka, and Touka. They released their first single, Late Show (レイトショー), on May 1, 2021.

Non¬Fiction Fandom Name:
Non¬Fiction Official Colors:

Non¬Fiction Official Accounts:
Twitter: Non¬Fiction【ノンフィク】 (@Nonfic_official)
Instagram: Non¬Fiction (@nonfic_official)
YouTube: Non-Fiction【ノンフィク】
TikTok: Non¬Fiction【のんふぃく】 (@nonfic_official) TikTok
Website: Non¬Fiction
Store (Japan): nonfiction official store 

Non¬Fiction Members

Stage Name: Minase Piano (水瀬ぴあの)
Birth Name:
Birthday: August 10, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Blood Type:
Official Color: Blue
Fan Name: Happisetto (はっぴーせっと)
Instagram: 水瀬ぴあの (@piano_nonfic)
Twitter: 水瀬ぴあの(のんふぃく) (@Piano_nonfic)
TikTok: ぴあのちゃん (@piano_tensai) TikTok

Piano Facts
-She was born in the Philippines and is half Filipino.
-She was a member of FES☆TIVE and KAT☆CHU.
-Whenever she has a day off, she calls her brother to ask to hang out but he is always with his girlfriend.
-Catchphrase: Would you like to be my truth? (私の真実の存在になりませんか?) . 


Stage Name: Hakura Riho (白桜里帆)
Birth Name: Mashiro Riho (真城里帆)
Birthday: December 20, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: A
Official Color: White
Fan Name: Hamu-chanzu ( はむちゃんず)
Instagram: 白桜里帆 (@riho_nonfic)
Twitter: 白桜里帆(のんふぃく)(@Riho_nonfic)
TikTok: 🦋ぶる美👄 (@nemuikedo_ganbaru) TikTok

Riho Facts
-She was a member of Akishibu Project.
-She doesn’t like insects.
-She enjoys sleeping.
-Catchphrase: I need you! (きみが必要だよ!).


Stage Name: Fujishiro Nami (藤城なみ)
Birth Name:
Position: N/A
Birthday: December 27, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: AB
Official Color: Purple
Fan Name: Nami-eru Kyo (なみえる教)
Instagram:藤城 なみ(なみえる) (@nami_nonfic)
Twitter: 藤城 なみ(ノンフィク) (@Nami_nonfic)
TikTok: なみえる (@nmelchan1227) TikTok

Nami Facts
-She was a member of CoverGirls.
-She can play the drums.
-Catchphrase: You and Nami Eru (君となみえーる).


Stage Name: Nagatsuki Touka (永月十華)
Birth Name:
Birthday: October 1, 2001
Height: 151cm (5’0”)
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Blood Type:
Official Color: Yellow
Fan Name: Nagatsuki Family ( 永月家)
Instagram: 永月十華 (@touka_nonfic)
Twitter: 永月十華(のんふぃく) (@Touka_nonfic)
TikTok: とうかちゃん❗️ (@touka_nonfic) TikTok

Touka Facts:
-She was a member of ZOC.
-She was a finalist for Miss iD 2019.
-Touka has worked at a hot pot shop, a Korean restaurant, and a convenience store.
-Her dream is to buy a house for her mother.
-She went by Kitoki Fin whilst she participated in Miss iD and ZOC.
-Her charm is her dimples when she smiles.
-She likes Toy Story.
-She hopes to see her name in the ending credits of a movie one day.
-Her favorite saying is, “Money is everything under the sun.”
-She feels most relaxed on her futon.
-Catchphrase: I think I’ll go for Touka! (とうか推しとこうか!).


Stage Name: Konose Haruka (恋星はるか)
Birth Name: Kurasawa Haruka (倉澤遥)
Birthday: October 7, 2001
Height: 148cm (4’10”)
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Blood Type: B
Official Color: Pink
Fan Name: Spoil Squad (甘やかし隊)
Instagram:恋星はるか (@haru_nonfic)
Twitter: 恋星はるか(のんふぃく)(@Haru_nonfic)
TikTok: はるちゃん (@haruchan__148) TikTok

Haruka Facts
-She was a member of Monogatari.
-She was vice-leader of Monogatari.
-Catchphrase: Will you take care of Haru? (はるを大事に育ててくれる?).

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