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NINEONE# Profile and Facts

NINEONE# Profile & Facts

NINEONE# is a Chinese rapper under WR/OC . She participated on The Rap of China s1 &s2
and Youth With You Season 2, ranking #10 and missing the opportunity to debut. She is currently a soloist and she debuted on February 17, 2017 with the song “Closed Eyes Song”.

NINEONE# Official Social Media:
Weibo: BullsNINEONE乃万
Instagram: butnineone
Spotify: NINEONE#

 Official Fandom Name: Milk Powder (奶粉/Naifěn)
Official Fandom Colour: Milk Green

Stage Name: NINEONE#
Chinese Stage Name: Nai Wan (乃萬)
Birth Name: Zhao Hui (趙輝)
Current Name: Zhao Xinyue (趙馨玥)
Birthay: December 15, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rat
Height: 165 cm (5’5″)
Weight: 46 kg (101 lbs)
Nationality: Chinese
Blood Type: A

Nai Wan Facts:
– Her Hometown is Xi’An Shaanxi Provience, China
– She has a bad temper, but she can control it
– Her stage name is NINEONE# because her favorite basketball star
Dennis Rodman’s jersey number is “91”
– She graduated from the Shanghai Theatre Academy in 2018
– In 2018 she joined WR/OC
– She likes writing songs
– She wrote the lyrics for  Zhao Xiaotang’s solo TANG
– In March 2019, she was invited to participate in the SXSW CHINA NIGHT in the USA
-Nai Wan held a national tour ,”I don’t wanna see u anymore 2019″ i 2019
– She participated of The Rap of China season 1 but she was eliminated in the audition
– She is friends with THE9’s Lu Keran, Fanxyred’s Lin Fan and YWY/TOV Ent trainee
Chen Yiwen/ Hazel Chen
– In 2019 she participated in The Rap of Chin s2 and made it in the top 127
– On June 4, Naiwan established a personal studio
– She was cool and rusty on the stage, but backstage, Naiwan was sensitive
– At three o’clock ,in the middle of the night, she called her agent on the
balcony of the dormitory and cried for an hour.
While sobbing, she said that I would retire from Youth With you
– She thought she would place 105th out on 109, so she was suprised
when she passed the first round with a good rating
– Nai wan didnt like Melody (Her song for the position evaluation)

Youth With You Information:
On episode 2 she ranked #24.
1st judges:evaluation she earned a ‘C’.
On the  episode 4 she ranked #33.
2nd judges: evaluation she earned a ‘A’.
On episode 6 she ranked #19.
On episode 7 (live vote) she ranked #9.
She Performed Melody
3rd judges :evaluation she earned a ‘C’.
On the episode 9 she ranked #14.
On the episode 10 she ranked #14.
On the 12th episode she ranked #10.
On the  episode 13(live vote) she ranked #7.
She Performed How Can I Look so Good Team B
On the 16th episode she ranked #11.
On the 18th episode (live vote) she ranked #10.
She Performed No Company
On the 20th episode she ranked #10.
On the final episode she was ELIMINATED.

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