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Neon (YUKIKA) Song Info


Neon is a Korean single by solo artist YUKIKA. It’s her debut single. The single and the M/V were released on 22 February, 2019.

Released : 22 February, 2019
Album : NEON
Genre : K-Pop, City Pop
Length : 3:42
Label : ESTIMATE Entertainment
Produced By : 오레오 (Oreo) (KOR)
Written By : 이기 (Iggy) (KOR) & 오레오 (Oreo) (KOR)
Choreographer : Jiyoung Yu & 김동민 (Kim Dong Min)
Co-Producer : Lee Daeun (이다은)
Executive Producer : Jinbae Park

NEON Facts:
– “NEON” is a breezy pop song that gives the modern KPOP formula a new twist. Instead of being brash and electronics-heavy, “NEON” takes a softer, nostalgic approach to win over its audience. There’s a sense of familiarity to the song’s soft synths and violin strings, while Yukika’s airy vocals harken back to an earlier time when things seemed to slow down. Just like the pop idol songs of the past, “NEON” is inherently innocent. It offers a brief respite from the fiercely breakneck hits of modern pop by capturing the essence of what made songs like “Plastic Love” come back in the first place.

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